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Lean In Energy and Chronus Partner to Elevate Women in the Workplace with Scalable Mentoring Software


In Energy
, an independent LeanIn.Org affiliated global mentoring
community that empowers women in energy, and Chronus,
the leader in mentoring software, have partnered to provide more
impactful mentoring to women in the energy sector.

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Lean In Energy will employ Chronus mentoring software in their community
in order to increase participant engagement and goal achievement for
in-person and virtual participants. The use of software will enable Lean
In Energy to scale and meet the high demand for mentorship globally,
enabling more access for women in the energy industry.

Both Chronus and Lean In Energy are evangelists of the many benefits
mentoring affords to personal and professional development and closing
the gender diversity gap in the workplace. From improving employee
engagement to increasing representation in leadership, mentoring has
proven to unlock employee potential and ambition. In fact, one study
found that mentoring
increased employee engagement by 78 percent
. Another found that
mentoring increased the number of minority women in management by 18
to 24 percent over five years

"With nearly 1,500 requests globally for mentoring, we are excited to
partner with Chronus to meet the mentoring needs of our fast-growing
community," said Katie Mehnert, Founder of Lean In Energy. "This is a
good problem to have, however, one we intend to meet with digital tools
to help scale. As an all-volunteer organization, this technology
automates many aspects of our mentoring program, enabling volunteers to
focus on content and member experience. This will provide greater impact
by allowing us to serve more women in energy with richer content and
meaningful connections."

Chronus software will enable Lean In Energy members to choose their
mentoring preferences, including meet up styles and location, and match
accordingly, allowing members to communicate and be mentored on a
global, regional or local level—virtually or face-to-face. The software
will aid Lean In Energy's mentoring circles and enable flash mentoring
for ad hoc mentoring meet ups. According to LeanIn.Org
and McKinsey & Company's
"Women in
the Workplace" report, women in circles are more aware of the role that
gender plays in the workplace, and are more likely to ask for—and
receive—raises and promotions.

"We have helped many organizations establish successful mentoring
programs for women and diversity groups, and we're honored to partner
with a vocal and visible leader in the gender diversity mentoring
space," said Seena Mortazavi, CEO of Chronus. "Mentoring is a vital part
of emboldening women to rise in the leadership pipeline and achieve
professional milestones. Our software aids in this goal, helping
organizations like Lean In Energy facilitate impactful mentoring for
their members and their community at large."

This partnership will accelerate both Lean In Energy and Chronus'
mission to empower women through mentoring to achieve their ambitions.
To learn more about how mentoring elevates women in the workplace,
download the Chronus ebook Modern
Mentoring: Emboldening Women in the Workplace


Lean In Energy is a leading mentoring community for women in energy.
From fossil fuel to clean tech energies and the transportation and
infrastructure value chains, Lean In Energy is focused on empowering
women across the energy value chain to achieve their ambitions through
mentoring, education and advocacy, and in turn solve the next generation
of challenges by closing the gender gap in energy leadership. Lean In
Energy is an independent organization, affiliated with LeanIn.Org, which
works closely with LeanIn.Org to further its mission and is licensed by
LeanIn.Org to use the ‘Lean In' name.

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