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Flo Technologies, Inc. Launches Water Conservation Pilot Program


Technologies, Inc.
, a company on a mission to prevent water loss and
damage, today launched a pilot program to help Los Angeles residents
better conserve and monitor their water consumption and prevent water
waste through installation of a Flo device on their homes. Funding for
the pilot is provided through the Metropolitan Water District's (MWD's)
Innovative Conservation Program that selected
Flo as a grant recipient. The Innovative Conservation Program is funded
by the Bureau of Reclamation, the Metropolitan Water District of
Southern California, Western Resource Advocates, Southern Nevada Water
Authority, Central Arizona Project and Southern California Gas Company.

Gabriel Halimi, CEO and Co-Founder of Flo Technologies, said: "The state
of California recently passed legislation that calls on Californians to
make conservation a way of life. This amplifies the need for technology
that can teach us about our own water consumption so that we can consume
responsibly. While you can save an average of eight gallons of water a
day by turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth, the average
U.S. home still unknowingly wastes about 17 gallons of water a day due
to undetected leaks in their water systems. This pilot program is an
important step in making homeowners more aware of their water
consumption, along with what's happening with the pipes behind their
walls. Water damage from leaks is the leading cause of homeowners
insurance claims in the U.S., five times more likely than theft and six
times more likely than fire. Collectively, these leaks add up to over
one trillion gallons of water wasted in the U.S. per year."

The 12-month pilot program will analyze participants' water usage,
before and after a Flo device is installed in their home, to demonstrate
Flo's efficacy in reducing water waste. As a part of the pilot program,
and thanks to a grant awarded by the MWD's Innovative Conservation
Program, Flo Technologies will provide up to 150 Flo devices, as well as
professional installation, to qualified Los Angeles Department of Water
& Power (LADWP) homeowners, free of charge.

Penny Falcon, Manager of Water Resources of LADWP added: "We're pleased
that Flo, an exciting Los Angeles based company merging their plumbing
expertise with innovative technology, is working to positively impact
water use in California. Our customers have already reduced their water
use dramatically and technology that can help them be even more
efficient is key to further conservation. It is vital that our customers
become more aware of their household water use and limit water waste."

Using FloSense™ technology, Flo's smart home device learns about the
home's unique daily behaviors and sends alerts about abnormalities via
the free iOS
and Android
app. Through the app, users can shut off their water, get
troubleshooting tips for detected leaks, or contact Flo Support for
additional help. Plus, Flo's MicroLeak™ technology runs daily proactive
tests, identifying and notifying users of microleaks as small as a drop
per minute, that would otherwise go undetected and likely cause issues
like mold, etc. The Flo device has already saved U.S. homeowners over
one million gallons of water.

Flo devices are available for purchase at

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About Flo Technologies
Flo Technologies is on a mission to
prevent water damage and loss one drip at a time with its all-in-one
water security system. With its smart leak prevention system, Flo
Technologies gives homeowners the information and tools they need to
proactively prevent water damage and unnecessary water waste. While many
believe their home's water system is leak-free, an average U.S. home
loses over 17 gallons of water per day due to leaks. With decades of
plumbing expertise, Flo is committed to preventing this water waste and
protecting every U.S. home from water damage. Flo is so confident in its
system that it offers an optional guarantee of effectiveness via its HomeProtect
program. To learn more, visit

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