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Biolog-id Branches out to the United States with a New Operational Center in Atlanta


Biolog-id, a world leader in connected health solutions, today announced
the establishment of its U.S. operational center in Atlanta. This new
site will enable Biolog-id to continue the growth of its presence in
North America and offer its business solutions in the biggest health
market in the world.

Biolog-id LLC's offices are located in Alpharetta, 15 minutes north of
Atlanta, Georgia. Pierre Parent, President of Biolog-id, has named Amit
Mayer as the General Manager of the subsidiary.

Amit Mayer is an experienced manager with a variety of experience in the
health, innovation, marketing and education domains. As an entrepreneur,
consultant, teacher and businessman, Amit has worked for high-profile
businesses and organizations throughout the world and is particularly
interested in the healthcare sector. He has been based in Atlanta for
the last 5 years.

"Biolog-id has developed unique expertise in connected health solutions
and has created a ground-breaking innovation which enables the reliable
tracking of sensitive therapeutic products (red blood cell concentrates,
platelets, plasma, and chemotherapy products), and ensures their safe
administration to patients. By establishing a permanent presence in the
US, Biolog-id aims to offer local clients quality support for its
product offerings in America. This operational center will manage sales,
sales support, operations and R&D. "Biolog-id is poised to establish
itself in the US market and we are convinced Amit is the right person to
make this a success", says Pierre Parent.

"Biolog-id's solutions are based on the Internet of Things (IoT), which
improves the quality and safety of medical procedures and patient care
by ensuring that the right product is administered to the right patient,
and allowing healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient",
adds Amit Mayer. "They can be entirely integrated into existing work
processes and provide significant financial savings by reducing product
loss and optimizing the supply chain (reducing stock, remote management
with no manual handling, etc.). In addition, Biolog-id's solutions also
help improve working conditions for healthcare professionals by
relieving them of time-consuming administrative and logistical tasks.
This transatlantic site is testament to our aim to make use of all our
synergies to provide the North-American market with a one-of-a-kind
service offering. By forming a team that is focused on adapting
solutions to the specific features of blood transfusion centers,
hospital blood banks and pharmacies responsible for injectable products,
Biolog-id aims to provide ad hoc solutions with significant added value,
enabling our rapid growth in North America."

About Biolog-id
Biolog-id was founded in 2005 based on a
pioneering concept: using RFID technology to identify, track and manage
sensitive health products (red blood cells, plasma, platelets,
chemotherapy products). This ground-breaking innovation enabled the
development of a totally unique product: the "Biolog solution" and its
intellectual property rights, currently amounting to 100 or so
international patents.
The company's corporate office is located in
Paris and its manufacturing and product and customer support facility is
situated in Bernay in the Normandie region of France. It currently
employs approximately 80 people and is continuing its recruitment plan
both in France and abroad.

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