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JPA Health Communications Introduces Gretel™, a Powerful Tool for Understanding Health Audiences Using the Largest Collection of Health Influencer Data Ever Amassed


Perfected over a decade, Gretel is a game changer for precision
marketing and public relations

JPA Health Communications today unveiled a proprietary tool designed to
understand how conversations take place within the health landscape.
JPA's Gretel™, brings together news media, organizations and individual
influencers to show for the first time precisely how they intersect,
revealing insights for reaching and engaging audiences.

This powerful engine combines human and artificial intelligence to
generate insights, such as who are the influencers, how they receive
information and the most appropriate way to engage with them. Gretel is
now composed of millions of data points and continues to get smarter
with each new input. This specialized approach enables the JPA team to
identify opportunities and engage target audiences.

"Gretel is a foundational part of how JPA serves our clients. Most
communications professionals rely on their past experience to inform
their current work," said Carrie Jones, JPA's principal and founder.
"While experience is important, Gretel, which is essentially an insights
engine, helps open doors to new points of influence that one would not
naturally consider. For our clients, that means higher efficiency and
better results."

Going well beyond monitoring and social listening, Gretel is built to
understand the influence of an outlet, individual or organization based
on how frequently it is referenced or shared by specific audience
segments within an identified issue or topic. The audience
identification in Gretel is done through a partnership with social media
analysis firm Graphika.
Over the last decade, JPA has blended this and other publicly available
data with staff expertise and market knowledge. An earlier version of
the tool has already been used by three of the five largest
pharmaceutical companies to analyze and track their advocacy relations
campaigns – just one of the many capabilities of this first-of-its-kind

Gretel can be leveraged for every health topic, and brings together
information from three intelligence engines:

  • Gretel Influence: Identifies the universe of health influencers
    that can help change the minds of thousands around a given issue or
  • Gretel Media: Reveals and prioritizes the outlets that
    will carry messages furthest across the most meaningful audiences.
  • Gretel Profiler: Provides an at-a-glance platform to easily
    identify and track advocacy relationships.

"Our clients are looking for new ways to engage their key audiences,"
Ken Deutsch, JPA's head of analytics and research. "We created Gretel
over the last decade to precisely target the influencers that will most
effectively drive and change the conversation around the issues that
matter most."

Gretel is complaint with general data protection regulation
requirements. To learn more visit
or email

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