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REV Group Announces New Seat Belt Innovation to Protect Passengers


REV Group ambulance brands expand partnership with IMMI, continue
dedication to first-responder safety

REV Group (NYSE:REVG), a manufacturer of industry-leading specialty
vehicle brands and leading provider of parts and services has extended
its partnership with Indianapolis-based IMMI to offer their new Per4Max
four-point seatbelts exclusively in REV Ambulance brands.

The Per4Max seatbelt is a four-point seatbelt that allows ambulance
crews the freedom to administer patient care while remaining safely
buckled up. The Per4Max also includes an exclusive controlled
decelerator inside the belt, which is designed to "ride down" the force
on the body that occurs during a crash. Testing has shown that in a
severe crash, Per4Max's controlled decelerator has the potential to
reduce the severity of g-force related injuries to the head and chest of
ambulance crews. Only Per4Max provides this newly designed advanced
safety technology.

REV Ambulance Group has partnered with IMMI since the 2009 introduction
of RollTek airbags as a standard feature in Horton ambulances. During
the past decade, REV and IMMI have expanded their relationship to
collaborate as partners in safety innovation. REV has exclusive use of
this technology and intends to make it available throughout the REV
Ambulance product lines. "We're thrilled to continue our partnership
with IMMI and offer this new technology," said Bob Collins, President,
REV Ambulance Group. "Safety is a top priority for us and being able to
continue to offer the safest options for our customers is very exciting."

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Good Morning America featured an exclusive piece on preventing ambulance
crash injuries. The piece features our Horton brand ambulance and the
new Per4Max seatbelt system and can be viewed using the following link:

About REV Group

is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of specialty
vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services. REV serves a
diversified customer base primarily in the United States through three
segments: Fire & Emergency, Commercial and Recreation. REV provides
customized vehicle solutions for applications including: essential needs
(ambulances, fire apparatus, school buses, mobility vans and municipal
transit buses), industrial and commercial (terminal trucks, cut-away
buses and street sweepers) and consumer leisure (recreational vehicles
("RVs") and luxury buses). REV's brand portfolio consists of 30
well-established principal vehicle brands including many of the most
recognizable names within our served markets. Several of REV's brands
pioneered their specialty vehicle product categories and date back more
than 50 years. Investors-REVG

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