Market Overview

NewtonX Raises $3 Million to Democratize Access to CEO Advisory


World's first AI-powered expert search engine enables companies
around the world to access senior business advisors by the hour

an AI-powered expert search engine, today announces that the company has
raised $3 million in seed funding from XFund, Third Prime Capital, and
select investors to disrupt the multi-billion dollar C-suite advisory
market through data science and automation.

Leveraging a proprietary search methodology developed by a former Google
engineer, coupled with a dynamic matching algorithm, NewtonX delivers
one-on-one expert consultations to executives around the world. The
insights range from determining the market size of quantum computing in
2025 for IBM, to best practices in crisis management for the oil
industry, to the most likely color palettes at the Paris fashion show
for a global luxury brand. NewtonX's main asset is its wide range of
thought leaders, experts, former CEOs, and keynote speakers who
participate in these exclusive one-on-one consultations with other
senior executives.

In less than a year, NewtonX has grown from three employees and one
client, to 25 employees, seven digit revenue, and more than 20 clients,
including top management consulting firms, large technology companies,
and leading financial institutions. NewtonX was founded by CEO
Germain Chastel
and COO Sascha Eder both alumni of McKinsey &
Company, along with CTO Anuja Ketan, previously CTO at Zillion
and an executive at Northrop Grumman.

"Our AI connects governments, corporations, financial services firms,
and even startups with answers to million dollar questions, for a
fraction of the price," declared NewtonX CEO Germain Chastel. "At
McKinsey & Company, I realized how difficult it was for executives and
government officials to access specific, non-public knowledge. That's
when I started working with Anuja Ketan to develop a solution."

NewtonX launched in 2017, and has since grown to 25 employees across two
international offices. The business has undergone explosive growth in
the past six months, tripling the number of employees and multiplying
revenue by 10. NewtonX is proud to have a highly diverse team, with 50%
women, and more importantly, 50% women in leadership positions.

How it works

NewtonX has developed a proprietary knowledge graph that precisely
codifies the needs of its clients across any industry, no matter how
niche. This graph enables an automated search which identifies in
real-time and without human input the most relevant experts to answer
specific questions. This custom process, coupled with robust automation
enables NewtonX to deliver experts in real-time in topics as esoteric as
the frangible bullets market for law enforcement agencies, or the
separation of Vanadium from Titanium in titano-magnetite ore in Peru.

"I used to be on the client side of expert networks when I worked at
McKinsey, and saw a missed opportunity for automation," explained
NewtonX COO Sascha Eder
. "The industry is a perfect use case for AI

NewtonX has two primary product offerings: one-on-one expert
consultations and large-scale expert surveys. The platform provides
access to premium experts including current and former CEOs, board
advisors, and academics from ivy league institutions including MIT and
Harvard. NewtonX leverages proprietary speech-to-text software in
addition to its knowledge graph, enabling NewtonX to deliver full-scale
surveys and comprehensive expert insights at twice the speed and half
the cost of traditional B2B panels and survey providers.

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