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Top Retail Industry Trends That Will Redefine the Industry – Revealed by Quantzig


Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their latest article on the top
retail industry trends that will redefine the industry

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Top Retail Industry Trends to Watch For in 2018. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Top Retail Industry Trends to Watch For in 2018. (Graphic: Business Wire)

One of the recent studies on the retail industry shows that this
industry is extremely competitive and mature in the developed economies
across Europe and North America. On the other hand, developing economies
such as the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America have been
helpful in driving the growth of this industry. At present, in this
industry, the spending of customers has grown considerably and accounts
for around two-thirds of the total GDP. This has been one of the main
indexes for evaluating the retail industry's health. Also, a thorough
analysis of the retail industry overview reveals the fact that the
proliferating online shopping business also acts as the main growth
driver for this market. Similarly, the increasing development and
adoption of mobile devices, smartphones, and internet services have
helped e-commerce to become of the preferred shopping platforms,

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According to the analytics experts at Quantzig, "The
survival of the retailers depends on their potential to offer innovative
services to customers."

Before the retailers determined what a customer might want to buy and
how they should shop, it's the customer who is describing the shopping
experience. And when a retailer operates in the traditional silos that
keeps selling channels and merchandise categories separately rather than
coordinated, then that retailer starts missing out on opportunities for
sale. Today's customers are extremely connected and expect immediate
gratification, new experiences, and customization in retail. As a
result, they're bringing about a major change in the traditional retail
landscape. Technology savvy businesses are now quickly implementing
changes, forcing others to adapt or be left behind.

Retail Industry Trends

  • Customization will prosper: Customization is one of the key
    retail industry trends that will succeed in 2018 and the upcoming
    years. It allows the shoppers to make the order and customize them to
    every last detail. The value of customer experiences is one of the key
    factors for the retail industry to prosper today. Today, buyers want
    the tangible products to fit into their lifestyle flawlessly and to be
    exclusive. This is the reason why customization will flourish even
    more in the days to come. Request
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  • Robots will gain more popularity: In 2018 and the upcoming
    years, robots are anticipated to play a significant role in improving
    retail operations. Major companies like Amazon have already started
    capitalizing on robots to help them in packaging and shipping items.
    Consequently, this trend is expected to see a high investment in the
    near future. Many people are aware that robots are involved in
    assembling, packing, or handling items before they reach retail
    stores. Currently, some retail robots are also beginning to change how
    human employees work and people purchase goods in stores. Talk
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There is a bright future for retailers who adapt to the customers'
needs. Retailers who will be successful in 2018 and hereafter are the
ones who can positively interact with their consumers and understand
their needs.

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