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Mobile Heartbeat Launches New MH-CURE User Interface


Mobile Heartbeat Completely Modernizes MH-CURE, Providing Improved
Navigation, Increased Accessibility to Functions, and More Streamlined

Mobile Heartbeat®, a leading provider of mobile healthcare
enterprise solutions that improve clinical workflow and care team
communication, today announced the launch of a new user interface for MH-CURE®,
its secure clinical communications and collaboration platform,
delivering a dramatically improved user experience. The company also
recently became an Apple Mobility Partner, joining a group of app
developers and solution providers that are building enterprise-grade
solutions for iOS to change the way businesses work.

The new MH-CURE user interface provides improved navigation, increased
accessibility to the app's functions, redesigned alerts and
notifications for easier viewing, urgent notification banners and a more
streamlined messaging interface, giving users a modern, familiar
experience that helps them be even more efficient in their workflows.

"Torrance Memorial Medical Center had the opportunity to work closely
with Mobile Heartbeat on this new version of MH-CURE and recommended
improvements to workflows that will benefit our staff and patients,"
said Bernadette Reid, Vice President of Information Technology and CIO,
Torrance Memorial Medical Center. "We're excited to see the final
product with the new UI and roll it out hospital-wide."

The features of the new MH-CURE user interface include:

New Navigation – A new dashboard
screen replaces the home screen and displays critical information such
as the user's role, availability, assigned patients and key actions
including phone access and launch points. A new navigation bar displays
MH-CURE's functions, such as texting, patient lists, contacts and
alerts, which are now visible from any screen in the application and
accessible via a single tap. The navigation bar also makes it easier for
users to know when they have unread notifications.

Revamped Notifications Design
Utilizing iOS native notifications, MH-CURE now positions notifications
at the top of the screen so as to avoid blocking current workflows. If a
user is ready to read a notification immediately, they simply tap it to
go to the relevant text, broadcast or alert. If the user needs to read
it later, the notification count in the navigation bar provides quick

Urgent Notification BannersBrightly-colored
red and orange notification banners have been added to alert users when
immediate action is required. The new banners remain visible across the
bottom of the screen in the event that a user is disconnected from the
network and missing incoming calls, texts and alerts. Additionally,
unread urgent message notifications are also displayed on banners to
remind the user to review them.

Redesigned Alerts InterfaceMissed
calls, broadcasts, text messages and alert notifications are now clearly
differentiated, making it easier for users to know what type of unread
notifications they have received. Familiar red badges displaying the
number of unread notifications are the new standard throughout MH-CURE.
Additionally, pop-up alerts that previously blocked users from operating
the app have been replaced, allowing users to continue their workflows
whenever they receive alerts.

Modernized Messaging – The MH-CURE
text messaging interface has been rebuilt from the ground up to adhere
to modern standards that users are familiar with and enable urgent
messages to be sent and read faster and easier, thereby optimizing
critical communications.

"Our new user interface is setting a new visual foundation for the
future of the MH-CURE iOS apps," said Mike Detjen, Chief Operating
Officer at Mobile Heartbeat. "It is a dynamic and scalable foundation
for MH-CURE's future capabilities."

enterprise mobility solution
transforms smartphones into a powerful
tool for streamlining clinical communication and collaboration
workflows. MH-CURE unifies secure texting, voice over Wi-Fi, video chat,
paging, broadcasting, alert integration, EHRs, and other clinical system
integration in a single application, enabling care teams across the
enterprise to use one device/one application to connect with each other
and share pertinent, patient-specific information quickly and
efficiently from wherever they are. MH-CURE offers full functionality
for mobile devices.

About Mobile Heartbeat
Mobile Heartbeat® is a
leading provider of enterprise mobility clinical communications and
collaboration solutions that improve clinical workflow and provide
secure team communications, enabling better patient care at a lower
cost. The company's Unified Clinical Communication platform, MH-CURE®,
gives clinicians what they want and need: simple, secure access to their
patients and other care team members with clinically relevant patient
information—no matter where they are. Based upon its Clinical Unified
Results Enterprise (CURE) technology, MH-CURE dramatically improves
clinical workflows across the enterprise, freeing clinicians to focus on
what they do best: care for their patients. For more information, visit

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