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Limelight Networks and Linode Join Forces to Enable Low Latency Edge Applications


New partnership boosts IoT and realtime application performance and
accessibility worldwide

(NASDAQ:LLNW), a leading digital content delivery, video,
cloud security, and edge computing services provider, and Linode,
a leading provider of cloud computing services, announced a new
partnership to provide cloud computing capabilities as part of
Limelight's edge cloud. Together, Limelight and Linode are enabling
businesses to grow their global online presence by improving application
performance and accessibility around the world.

Limelight's edge cloud eliminates delays inherent in using traditional
cloud computing environments for low latency IoT and realtime
applications by moving processing power from centralized locations to
the network edge. Now, customers can provision compute, storage, and
load-balancing capabilities on-demand, across Limelight's globally
distributed edge locations to quickly deploy and scale their workflows.

"Linode is the infrastructure provider of choice for thousands of
software developers, SaaS platforms, and enterprises," said Casey Smith,
vice president at Linode. "Integrating our cloud computing services with
Limelight's extensive global network provides the performance and
flexibility companies need for their applications, websites, and

Limelight's edge cloud offers the scale and reach needed to reduce the
distance between sources of data and the network edge. Limelight's
QoS-enabled high-speed private network provides secure connectivity
between more than 80 Points of Presence (PoPs), covering every region of
the world with connections to more than 900 ISPs. Linode's cloud
computing offering provides compute, storage, backup, and load-balancing
services, enabling organizations to build and manage a global
infrastructure at scale. The combination of connected, secure, and
distributed edge computing and the delivery, storage, analytics, and
industry-leading service and support can help solve critical low latency
IoT and realtime application challenges.

"Combining Linode's compute capabilities with our global private network
provides unmatched flexibility for edge compute deployments," said Ersin
Galioglu, vice president of strategic Initiatives at Limelight Networks.
"If you have latency-sensitive applications, Limelight has the right
combination of connectivity, bandwidth, security, storage, and
reliability to process and deliver data as close to its source as
possible. This combination helps improve customer experience and asset
utilization. Applications where seconds and milliseconds matter will
help differentiate customers from their competitors."

About Linode
Since 2003, Linode has been providing cloud
computing services to customers around the world. Linode offers compute,
storage, and networking services from nine data centers in three regions
spanning the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the United
Kingdom. Thousands of active customers—from the fastest-growing startups
to established enterprises—trust Linode's services to power their
infrastructure, making them more efficient and lowering their IT costs.
To learn more about Linode, visit

About Limelight
Limelight Networks Inc., (NASDAQ:LLNW), a
leading provider of digital content delivery, video, cloud security, and
edge computing services, empowers customers to provide exceptional
digital experiences. Limelight's edge services platform includes a
unique combination of global private infrastructure, intelligent
software, and expert support services that enable current and future
workflows. For more information, visit,
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