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SharesPost Mid-Year Crypto Survey: Investors Remain Cautiously Optimistic Despite Correction


Despite a steep market correction in cryptocurrencies, a majority of
accredited and retail investors are planning to buy more digital
securities over the next 12 months, according to the Mid-Year
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
survey by SharesPost, the leading
provider of liquidity solutions to the private growth asset class.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have declined about 48% since
SharesPost's inaugural crypto survey in January 2018. However, 59% of
the July survey respondents – a slightly lower percentage than in
January – say they will allocate more capital to digital currencies over
the next year.

"Based on our survey, crypto investors haven't lost faith and are
planning to buy more," said Rohit
, Managing Director and Head of Research of SharesPost, Inc.
"Importantly, this survey indicates that this correction is separating
long-term believers from short-term day traders. Investors remain
bullish on Bitcoin and Ethereum over the next 18 months because they are
the leading digital currencies globally. Both enjoy relatively low
correlation to other asset classes and can be an ideal way for investors
to diversify a portfolio of stocks and bonds."

Among the findings from SharesPost's Mid-Year survey:

  • BTC is widely held among accredited and retail investors, while ETH
    and XRP (Ripple) ownership skews toward accredited investors.

    Since the correction, BTC has become the clear preference for
    accredited and retail investors. As a result, survey respondents say
    BTC is likely to perform better than ETH in the future. One reason for
    the diminished outlook for ETH is the lack of overwhelmingly
    successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). ETH has been the digital
    currency of choice for most ICOs.
  • A growing number of companies are implementing blockchain
    Thirty-two percent of accredited investors and 49% of
    retail investors say their employers are planning to roll out
    blockchain technology in the near future. The percentage of retail
    investors who say their employers are considering a blockchain
    implementation grew 12% over the past six months, more support for the
    continuing momentum for blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology may take longer to go
    In spite of the growing deployment of blockchain
    technology, accredited and retail investors have tempered their
    expectations about the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. The
    percentage of accredited investors who think crypto will go mainstream
    in 2020 dropped to 27% from 51% in July from earlier in the year.
    Among retail investors, it fell to 37% percent from 42% since the
    beginning of the year.

The SharesPost Mid-Year survey was conducted in July and included online
responses from 2,490 retail investors and 528 accredited investors.

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