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The "Youth
Team, League, and Tournament Sports: Market Shares, Strategies, and
Forecasts, Worldwide, 2018-2024"
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A $15.5 billion market in the US, the youth sports market rivals the
size of the $14 billion NFL

Worldwide youth sports markets are poised to achieve significant growth
as travel teams become more popular and families learn to enjoy time
together during a weekend sporting event. Enormous market efficiency is
being achieved as youth and recreational teams move to automated
process. Apps can be used to book hotels and make travel arrangements.

Youth sports markets are comprised of segments that represent revenue
generation from travel, equipment, team membership, facility
construction, software, and venue rental. Leagues who purchase and
distribute sports software to teams or clubs have created a large market
from what were previously disparate parts of what was not ever not even
a market, just people buying clothes and equipment, and loosely
organized groups of youth playing games on community fields.

As a result of this coalescence of the varying market segments brought
about by youth sports software, the youth sports market has become well
defined. Apps are used for communication. The primary purpose of youth
and adult sports team sports is to deliver fun for the youth. Other
agendas get mixed in, like building a strong and healthy body,
developing a well-rounded and pleasant personality, developing team
skills, and preparing a child to be a professional athlete. Youth sports
depend on communication, tournament play, and video coaching that are
needed to run a team effectively. Transaction management, registration,
and fee collection are key aspects of some of the software.

The market opportunity for youth team sports depends on a strong
alliance between the schools and modern recreational facilities that
meld education, drama, music and sports in a manner that supports
learning and athletic development as one melded event.

With the advent of online learning, more students can move at their own
pace and achieve academic excellence. One challenge is to make this
happen in the context of incorporating sports achievement at the same
time. Athleticism and brain development can be melded if education is
done right.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports: Market Description
and Market Dynamics

1.1 Sport Participation Develops Core Values

1.2 Clothing and Apparel a Core Aspect of Youth Sports Market

1.3 Hotels Leverage Vendor Positioning in Youth Sports Markets

1.4 Youth Sports League Software Is Highly Specialized

1.5 Barriers to Youth Sports Participation

1.6 Youth Team Web Sites

1.7 Supervising the Money from Youth Team Sports

1.8 Youth Sports Software Communications Functions

2. Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Shares and

2.1 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Driving Forces

2.2 Youth League Sports Market Shares

2.3 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Facilities Market including High
School, College, Market Shares, Number Field Rentals, Worldwide, 2017

2.4 Segments of Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports

2.5 Youth Sports Travel, Field, and Ice Rink

2.6 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Market Forecasts

2.7 Youth and Recreational League Sports Trends

2.8 Local Recreational Sports Facilities are Being Developed as Services

2.9 Healthcare and Youth Sports

2.10 Varsity and Collegiate Intermural and Club Sports

2.11 Youth and Adult Sports League Participation, United States and
Worldwide, Number of Players, 2016

2.12 Youth Sports Travel Teams

2.13 Youth League Sports Software Prices / Sports Software Pricing

2.14 Youth League Sports Software Regional Market Analysis

2.15 Youth Team Sites Revenue Model

3. Youth League Sports Product Description

3.1 Vendors Build Brand with Significant Well Targeted Demographic

3.1.1 Vendors Address Needs of Different Types of Teams

3.1.2 Stack Sports Goal Line

3.1.3 Stack Sports Strengths

3.1.4Stack Sports Challenges

4. Youth and Recreational League Sports Software Research and

4.1 Payment Gateways

4.1.1 Payment Processing Solutions For a League

4.1.2 Recommended Merchant Broker Gateway

4.2 Responsive Web Design

4.2.1 Robust Website Structure

4.3 Tournament Types

4.3.1 Match Day Types

4.4 Season Registration & eSport Configuration

4.5 Venue

4.6 FE management

4.6.1 Extra fields

4.7 Artificial Intelligence And Software

4.8 Nike Open Source Software

5. Youth and Recreational League Sports Software Company Profiles

5.1 Youth and Recreational League Sports Software Acquisitions

5.2 Global Payments / Active Network

5.2.1 Active Network

5.2.2 Active Network Global Payments

5.2.3 Active Network / Active Sports

5.2.4 Active Sports Strengths

5.2.5 Active Sports Challenges

5.2.6 Active Sports Revenue Model

Companies Mentioned

  • Active Network
  • Active Sports
  • Affinity Sports
  • Amer Sports
  • Aspen Institute
  • Atheletrax
  • Bauer
  • Bear Dev
  • Blue Sombrero
  • Catapult
  • Coach Logic
  • Cogran
  • Comcast
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Jevin
  • Jonas Software
  • JoomSport
  • LeagueApps
  • LeagueLobster
  • LeagueRepublic
  • Marriott
  • mysportsort
  • NBC
  • NFL Partnership
  • Nike
  • QSTC
  • Teamer
  • TeamSnap
  • Under Armour
  • Wilson
  • Wooter
  • YourTeamOnline
  • Zebra Technologies Sports Solutions Lanyon
  • Zuluru

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