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NovaStor® and Aparavi® Announce Partnership to Bring New Solution to NovaStor's Clients: Archive Data in the Cloud for Huge Savings


NovaStor's Active Archive introduces Aparavi's award-winning
technology to enhance traditional backup for better long-term data
retention and archive in the cloud

NovaStor, an international provider of award-winning backup solutions,
and Aparavi, a Silicon Beach startup in SaaS solutions, today announced
a partnership to expand NovaStor's portfolio with Aparavi's Active
Archive™. The result is NovaStor Active Archive™, an archive solution
that allows an organization to securely bring their data to the cloud,
reducing the effort and time needed to protect and retain business
critical data. Built to handle the massive growth and millions of files
of unstructured data, Active Archive provides a modern solution to data
protection, long-term retention, and archive. Key features include
multi-cloud mobility, classification and retention policies, and active
data pruning, reducing secondary storage growth by up to 75% for a
dramatically reduced total cost of ownership.

"With the growth of cloud storage like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure
it's becoming more convenient for businesses to move their data
offsite." said Nathan Fouarge, NovaStor's Vice President Strategic
Solutions. "To ensure long-term retention based on policies while being
able to find the exact data needed at any time requires intelligent
software designed for the task. We are happy to use Aparavi's technology
to offer this new SaaS solution to our clients"

NovaStor Active Archive serves as a complementary component to the
company's existing portfolio of backup products. The combination of
NovaStor Datacenter, a highly scalable, enterprise backup and recovery
software for both physical and virtual environments, and NovaStor Active
Archive create a fully compliant, highly secure and easy to use data
protection and retention suite.

"Many of our clients are struggling with how to cost-effectively
maintain data long-term but also cost-effectively in the cloud," said
Michael Pflugrad, Owner, Technically Geek IT. "NovaStor Active Archive
is a perfect complement to their current solutions that can address
these challenges."

NovaStor is well established as an expert in the traditional backup
space and differentiates through their complete solutions approach.
Their consultative all-inclusive service approach offers customers a
complete line of advantages which include the creation of custom backup
concepts, installation/implementation assistance and ongoing proactive
customer health checks. Active Archive presents NovaStor the ability to
cast a wider net to expand upon this value to introduce solutions and
concepts focused on cloud and long-term data retention.

"We get a lot of requests from organizations of all sizes to offer a
retention/archiving solution that uses cloud dynamics," said Mike
Andrews, co-owner of NovaStor. "With NovaStor Active Archive, based on
Aparavi's technology, NovaStor's clients get that and more."

NovaStor Active Archive includes:

  • A highly scalable SaaS solution to protect individual machines as well
    as large datacenters with millions of files
  • Support for heterogeneous networks, from Windows to Linux and physical
    and virtual environments
  • A web application that can control environments worldwide
  • The ability to select the cloud storage of choice
  • An open data format so users are not locked into the vendor

NovaStor Active Archive delivers a true heterogeneous cloud platform for
unstructured data. MSPs familiar with NovaStor's xSP technology will
benefit from the ability to transfer to a modern, recurring
revenue-generating platform with multi-tier and multi-tenant
capabilities. Their customers in turn can optimize organizational
efforts and realize lower costs of cloud storage.

Active Archive is an important component of any data protection
strategy. NovaStor selected Aparavi as a platform because it is a true
out of the box, software based and open technology. Additionally
Aparavi's technology provides a complete and easy to integrate API,
enabling minimal development effort and fast time-to-market for NovaStor.

"We are pleased to partner with NovaStor to help them develop a solution
that expands their product offering and shortens their time to market,"
said Jon Calmes, Vice President of Business Development at Aparavi.
"With the Active Archive Platform, NovaStor is able to quickly and
easily add to its portfolio of backup solutions for an even-greater
breadth of offerings that can satisfy customer needs at any point of the
data retention lifecycle. "

NovaStor Active Archive will be sold and supported by NovaStor and is
available immediately.

Contact NovaStor for further information at

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About Aparavi

Aparavi, the world's leading SaaS-based Active Archive, helps
organizations master out of control unstructured data growth. Delivering
both on-premises and multi-cloud mobility, Aparavi provides intelligent
data management with true storage independence, and together with an
open-data format removes vendor lock-in, forever. Aparavi delivers huge
savings by slowing secondary storage growth by 75 percent, with
guaranteed availability regardless of how long data is retained. A
pay-as-you-go model based on usage eliminates up-front expenditures for
a better total cost of ownership. For more information visit

About NovaStor

NovaStor® (
is an international provider of powerful, affordable, all-inclusive
data-protection solutions for physical, virtual and multi-cloud
environments. NovaStor differentiates by providing expert level guidance
to thousands of traditional backup customers and enables MSPs to offer
SaaS solutions for offsite cloud backup, archive and long term data
retention. NovaStor is management owned and headquarted in Zug,
Switzerland, with offices in the USA (Agoura Hills) and Germany

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