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Millennial Men Feel the Pressure to "Be It All"


75% of Millennial Dads Consider Themselves to Be the Primary Caregiver

60% of Millennial Dads Feel Their Role as Caregiver Has Impacted
Their Career

94% of Millennial Men Say They Need More Opportunities to Feel Safe
Discussing Emotions

Fire up the grill, change diapers, braid your daughter's hair, and bring
home the bacon. That's the pressure on Millennial men these days,
according to a new study by Hill Holliday / Origin, which reveals that
Millennial men are in a critical moment of flux between competing
definitions of manhood.

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Millennial Men Feel the Pressure to "Be It All" (Graphic: Business Wire)

Millennial Men Feel the Pressure to "Be It All" (Graphic: Business Wire)

In an era facing enormous shifts in traditional gender roles, from the
#MeToo movement to growing efforts at increasing diversity and closing
the gender pay gap, massive changes are occurring that are impacting
Millennial men specifically. If women have historically felt the
pressure to "have it all," these men increasingly feel an expectation to
"be it all."

The study, conducted by Origin, Hill Holliday's independent research
arm, examines how men in general are feeling about these changes and
evolving gender roles, both at home and in the workplace, and the
implications the findings have for marketers.

The full study is available at
and is based on the views of 2200 respondents across the United
States 18 years of age and older. Respondents included roughly 1800 men
and 400 women spanning generations, races, and familial structures.

Among the compelling data points:

On Masculinity

  • 65% believe the most important job of a good man is providing for his
    family financially
  • 92% of those surveyed chose BBQ-ing as the "most masculine" activity
    for modern men

At Home

  • 75% of Millennial dads consider themselves to be the primary caregiver
  • 93% of men would be happy if men and women have equal parenting and
    household responsibilities in 10 years

Having to "Be It All"

  • 60% of Millennial dads feel that their role as a caregiver has
    impacted their professional career
  • 90% of Millennial men say that #MeToo has informed their behavior in
    their personal and work lives

"Men are experiencing a clear tension point between the expectation for
them to be empathetic and emotionally connected spouses and fathers, to
the equally strong expectation for them to be somewhat traditional
providers for their families," said Lesley Bielby, Chief Strategy
Officer for Hill Holliday. "For Millennial men in particular, this
tension seems to be at a breaking point; men just don't seem to know who
or what they are supposed to be in 2018 and beyond. This is something
marketers need to explore and keep in mind when promoting their brands."

Millennials, or America's youth born between 1982 and 2000, now number
83.1 million and represent more than one quarter of the nation's
population. The spending power of Millennial men is estimated to be just
over $1 trillion.*

*Hill Holliday Decision Science estimate, using US Bureau of Economic
Analysis, 2016 US Census, and Yankelovich Monitor & Greenfield Online

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