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Meet the New Face of KontrolFreek®: Gaming Industry Innovator Rebrands Ahead of Its 10-Year Anniversary


KontrolFreek introduces a new brand identity to reflect the company's
growing "FreekNation" community

KontrolFreek® unveiled a new brand identity designed to
celebrate its upcoming 10-year anniversary and the company's passionate
"FreekNation" gaming community. The rebrand, which encompasses a new
logo, visual mark and updated color palette, creates a visual
representation of the strong and growing community of gaming enthusiasts
and KontrolFreek evangelists.

"Our new branding puts a face to FreekNation, allowing us to better
connect with our active and passionate community and, more importantly,
help them better identify with one another," said Ashish Mistry, CEO of
KontrolFreek. "By incorporating our legacy controller shape into the new
logo design, we maintain continuity while advancing the company beyond
our core thumbstick product. This upcoming 10-year milestone is exciting
and further bolsters our dedication to creating great products and
experiences for gamers."

The new design highlights the evolution of KontrolFreek, from a creator
of gaming accessories to a performance gaming gear and lifestyle brand.
Since its founding nearly 10 years ago, KontrolFreek has amassed a
passionate customer base, surpassing four million touchpoints. This
community, dubbed FreekNation, is made up of millions of engaged gaming
enthusiasts who share their love and passion for the company's gear and
the lifestyle it represents.

New Logo and Brand Identity: Bold and Energetic
To develop
an authentic brand that continues resonating with the FreekNation
community, KontrolFreek's creative team sought input from real users. It
was important to create an attitude the whole gaming community could get
behind – competitive, yet positive and fun. Each element of the logo
also reflects the idea that simple designs can make a big impact, like
the hallmark FPS Freek® Performance Thumbsticks from which KontrolFreek
was born.

Developed by combining its heritage with its vision for the future, the
new KontrolFreek icon merges distinct elements to craft a strong visual
identity. The circular shape represents KontrolFreek's flagship product
line, Performance Thumbsticks. The company's vintage controller shaped
logo is present in the visor of the new icon. The mouth was inspired by
the company's Gaming Cables and reflects the connection felt among
gamers. These elements work together to create an icon that expresses
the determination, ambition and dedication FreekNation invests in gaming
and KontrolFreek in its community.

The company's color palette has been updated to be more video game
console-neutral, while keeping continuity with the previous logo. The
new brand colors now better represent the company's diverse community,
which plays a variety of video game systems, including PlayStation,
Nintendo Switch, PC and others. KontrolFreek's new primary brand color
is a stone-like purple, which induces feelings of both stability and
ambition. The green has been retained as a nod to the company's legacy,
but has been updated to a more vibrant and energetic tone.

The new brand identity can be seen across all of the company's consumer
touch points, including its website, social media channels, products,
packaging and merchandising.

About KontrolFreek
in Atlanta, KontrolFreek® is the leader of the #FreekNation
gaming community and a global performance gaming and lifestyle brand
found in more than 9,000 retail locations across 40 countries. The
company's innovative product lines of Performance Thumbsticks®,
Performance GripsTM and accessories for Xbox One, PlayStation
4, Nintendo Switch and PC maximize comfort, increase accuracy and
improve performance for an enhanced gaming experience.

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