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Vintra's New AI-Powered Video Analytics Outperforms Legacy Solutions


The cutting-edge solution, FulcrumAI, will be showcased at the AI
Conference in San Francisco

Vintra, a leading provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions, will
be exhibiting at the AI
in San Francisco from September 5 - 7 in the Innovator
Pavilion at Booth P8. Vintra
will be debuting its latest product, FulcrumAI, a force multiplying
solution for organizations who need to review, monitor and make sense of
real-world video from fixed or mobile cameras, for both real-time
monitoring and post-incident investigations.

Vintra's AI-powered technology was purpose-built from the ground up
using the very latest in deep learning technology, specifically for the
security, safety, transportation and enterprise sectors. FulcrumAI can
be instantly deployed in the cloud for quick, accurate post-event
investigations, and integrated into an enterprise's current VMS and
existing camera network for real-time analytics. Unlike many legacy
video analytics offerings, Vintra's novel approach works with footage
from mobile cameras of all types and in challenging lighting conditions.
The deep learning-based architecture also supports future,
customer-created analytics.

"Video is expanding at an unrelenting pace. We simply don't have the
human capacity to efficiently or effectively monitor and review it all,"
said Brent Boekestein, CEO of Vintra. "We are using new types of
AI-algorithms to bring three letter agency-grade video analytics to our
customers. Our solution augments traditional monitoring and
investigations, turning cameras into proactive, intelligent tools. While
we have an outstanding initial package of capabilities, we realize that
each customer's needs are unique. Where our patent-pending solution is
heading, is to deliver to our customers the ability to automatically and
quickly create customized analytic sets."

Vintra was founded by Mr. Boekestein and two leading computer vision
experts, Dr. Ariel Amato and Dr. Angel Sappa, with the goal of creating
safer communities and companies through deep learning-powered AI
solutions. Vintra is accomplishing that goal by creating AI-powered
solutions that transform any real-world video into actionable and
tailored intelligence, enabling their customers to build the safest and
most productive organizations in the world.

Go to
to see a quick video of what's possible with FulcrumAI.

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