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Tecore Networks Applauds CTIA for Sponsoring Managed Access Testing at Lee Correctional Facility


ABC 4 News Featured The Joint Collaboration Efforts Taking Place At
Lee Correctional in South Carolina

Tecore Networks, an innovator of mobile network infrastructure and the
inventor of the Managed
Access Solution (MAS)
, applauded the Cellular Telecommunications
Industry Association (CTIA) which is bringing their proposed test-bed
program to fruition. The idea came to light initially back in February
during a meeting held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
This collaborative session was made up of the Commission, Wireless Trade
Associations and Carriers, Correctional Leaders and Industry Experts.

"Managed Access has been a reality for a decade, but the validation this
test bed program will bring to this technology and the standards at
which Correctional Departments will use to select combative cellular
interdiction solutions (CIS) in the future is a giant step forward,"
said Jay Salkini – The Founder and CEO of Tecore Networks. "Director
Stirling, and the State of South Carolina have been relentless in their
quest to identify proactive responses to the growing epidemic. It's
great to see their advocacy efforts begin to pay off."

South Carolina's ABC 4 News Reported S.C.
DOC testing new cell phone blocking technology at Lee Correctional
last week in response to the combined effort of the
S.C. Department of Corrections and CTIA to test Managed Access to block
contraband cell phones communications.

Managed Access is a highly innovative technology that controls cell
phone usage in a targeted area, allowing authorized users to make calls
while blocking those that are unauthorized. This solution is
intelligent, when deployed in a prison, wardens, officers, doctors, and
other government personnel, can be authorized to use their phones, while
still preventing inmates from communicating through smuggled contraband
phones or uncontrolled communications.

The solution operates through a precisely defined radio frequency (RF)
umbrella deployed in a targeted operational area. Through the use of a
main cell tower, cellular devices within the operational area are
attracted and actively prevented from connecting to outside commercial
network(s). The deployment of the technology requires a team of highly
trained core network and radio frequency engineers, field support
personnel and technicians to ensure the deployment is effective and

Ongoing cooperation with the local Commercial Carriers is key to the
continued long-term success and to ensure cooperative deployments of any
technology upgrades or adjustments. This eliminates the threat of holes
in the bubble of coverage protecting the general public, corrections
personnel, and other innocent parties from the threat of inmates
continuing to conspire and perpetrate crimes from behind bars.

To learn more about Managed Access, and how Tecore's
INAC™ Managed Access Solution
can proactively prevent unlawful
communications within correctional facilities please contact
. Additional information can be found at

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