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IDERA Updates Toolset for SQL Server Security and Compliance


Expanded capabilities support wide range of industry regulations

IDERA (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of powerful database
productivity tools, today announced the latest release of its SQL
Security Suite, including SQL Secure and SQL Compliance Manager, with
expanded support for industry regulations.

As data protection regulations gain traction across the globe, research
shows the average cost of noncompliance (business disruption, loss of
productivity, fines, penalties, etc.) for organizations is now $14.8
, a 45 percent increase from 2011. To avoid becoming one of
the statistics, companies must be more vigilant about protecting
customer data and ensuring their databases are secure.

SQL Secure and SQL Compliance Manager work together to help database
administrators establish and enforce solid security policies for SQL
Server environments on Windows OS, whether located on premises or in the
cloud. This enables companies to audit for numerous regulatory
guidelines and requirements, such as the recently-implemented GDPR and
the long-standing HIPAA regulations.

SQL Secure is a security analysis solution that identifies SQL Server
security violations and ensures security policies are enforced, enabling
DBAs to identify who has access to what and each user's effective rights
across all SQL Server objects. SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive
auditing solution that uses policy-based algorithms to track changes to
SQL Server objects and data, providing detailed visibility to determine
who did "what," "when," "where," and "how," whether the event is
initiated by privileged users or hackers.

With this latest release, both products have added new support for CIS,
DISA STIG, and NERC, and updated support for PCI DSS. Additionally, SQL
Compliance Manager has added support for FERPA, and SQL Secure has added
support for NIST and SOX. These additions and updates expand on the
existing support for HIPAA and other industry regulations.

According to one database administrator at a large financial services
institution, "I have found that with auditors, the longer they wait for
your data, the more they scrutinize the data. Since I implemented SQL
Compliance Manager, I have been able to provide all the audit
information to internal and external auditors quickly." As a result, the
company has decreased the amount of time spent generating audit
compliance reports by more than 25 percent since implementing IDERA's

Additional product capabilities include:

  • SQL Compliance Manager v5.5:
    • New option to save and upload custom regulatory guidelines,
      providing companies the flexibility to meet all audit requirements
    • Sensitive data set selection option that spans multiple tables so
      DBAs can easily search for sensitive columns to be audited
    • A new row count function added for all event types that DBAs can
      use to audit for suspicious data access
    • Full support for SQL Server 2017
  • SQL Secure v3.2:
    • New policy checks for configuration, access, auditing and logins
    • Full support for SQL Server 2017

"From financial services to education to the energy sector, regulatory
compliance is increasing pressure on organizations to collect data for
auditing and reporting purposes across a complex landscape of data types
and sources," said Robert Anderson, vice president of product management
at IDERA. "These latest updates to SQL Secure and SQL Compliance Manager
offer peace of mind and improved productivity that help DBAs reduce
exposure risks, avoid fines, and support corporate data governance

To learn more or download a free trial, visit SQL Compliance Manager:
or SQL Secure:


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