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Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis: Companies-to-Action 2018 - Comprehensive Analysis of 100 Companies -


The "Artificial
Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis - Companies-to-Action, 2018"

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This study is a focused analysis to highlight all of the companies
active in this space, and to analyze their solutions to get a sense of
the trends in the industry. Aptly called the Companies-to-Action, a
comprehensive analysis of ~100 AI companies currently offering medical
image analysis solutions provides an in-depth insight in to several key
questions, as outlined below.

Competitive landscape, evolving partnerships, regional analysis to
identify conducive factors for development of AI solutions, funding
trends for the 80+ startups, a landscape assessment, and finally, a list
of top ten predictions for the coming 5 years are covered in this study.
It also highlights a curated list of companies along with our
perspective on their uniqueness, potential opportunities, and threats.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Who are the companies that have set out to develop and commercialize
    artificial intelligence-based solutions for medical image analysis?
  • Which modalities, organs and disease areas have vendors focused on
    during the inception phase 2011-2018?
  • What kind of competitive and partnership dynamics are taking place
    across the vendor, provider and investor ecosystems?
  • What are some unique approaches and use cases addressed by some of the
    most innovative companies vested in AI-based medical image analysis?
  • How do various regions fare in the adoption of, and investment in AI
    based technologies for medical image analysis?

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Companies-To-Action Overview

3. Artificial Intelligence In Medical Image Analysis - Market Overview

4. Artificial Intelligence For Medical Image Analysis Ecosystem &
Competitive Landscape

5. Geographical Patterns For Artificial Intelligence In Medical Image

6. Funding Trends For Artificial Intelligence In Medical Image Start-Ups

7. Artificial Intelligence In Medical Image Analysis - Landscape

8. Companies-To-Action

9. Growth Opportunities

10. Outlook - Top Ten Predictions For AI-Based Medical Image Analysis

11. Appendix

Companies Mentioned

  • Aidoc
  • Arterys
  • Brainomix
  • Enlitic
  • EnvoyAI
  • Huiying Medical Tech Co.
  • IBM Watson Health
  • IDx
  • Imagen Technologies
  • MaxQ-AI (formerly MedyMatch Technology)
  • Quantitative Insights
  • Riverain Tech
  • Viz.AI
  • Vuno

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