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Latest Study Shows That the Global Smart Manufacturing Industry Market Revenue Will Be Valued at USD 648.9 Bn by 2023


A new report published by Research On Global Markets, available
exclusively on,
examines the evolution of the global smart manufacturing industry and
its biggest trends.

On Global Markets
, a leading publisher in market analysis reports,
released Netscribes' report on the Global
Smart Manufacturing Industry 4.0
today. The latest findings provide
a detailed overview of this market and how it could eventually be valued
at USD 648.9 Bn by 2023.

Through automation and automated technology, manufacturers will harness
the power of smart factories. Such factories are controlled by machinery
that can be operated using computer commands. This transformation will
reduce production costs while maintaining the standards of quality and

The use of connected devices will result in easier decision-making.
Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning
and Augmented Reality will become the norm.

Some of the end uses that will incorporate industrial automation are
healthcare, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, and industrial and
electronic equipment.

This report contains a description of the forecasted data for this
market, the technologies within it, and the applications across
segments. It also assesses the challenges, drivers and opportunities
that market players can expect to encounter.

In conclusion, a section on the competitive landscape profiles the major
players, suppliers and customers.

Key Highlights:

  • A historical, forecasted and present look at the Global Smart
    Manufacturing Industry 4.0.
  • Region-wise market size and activity within the Asia-Pacific, Europe,
    North America, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.
  • The threats and opportunities in this market, and the challenges faced
    by entrants.
  • The trends surrounding the activity in market segments and the
    technology used, like Robotics, 3D printing, Virtual Reality, etc.

This report is intended for those who wish to be informed about products
and services comprising Global
Smart Manufacturing Industry 4.0
and their viability. It can even be
used to identify profitable ventures and to formulate strategies.

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