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Buy It Installed, Inc. and Micro Center Partner to Help Consumers 'Say Goodbye to DIY™'


Micro Center Adds Buy It Installed® Technology to Business Model

Micro Center, a Columbus-based leader in national consumer and computer
electronics, has announced its partnership with Buy
It Installed, Inc
. Soon, Micro Center consumers will have the
ability to scan the Buy It Installed® barcode to purchase their products
with certified installation. Buy It Installed® technology gives
consumers the ability to simply enjoy products upon purchase without the
hassles of finding, vetting, and scheduling an installation professional.

Gone are the days of consumers having to install their products on their
own. Despite the apparent allure of taking on "DIY" home improvement
projects, the reality is that the estimated $2.2 trillion home
improvement market is largely split between Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and
Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) consumers.

Global studies reveal an emergent surge in DIFM markets, "Structural
changes mean consumer-focused DIY retailers are likely to underperform
versus the housing markets over the medium term. Shoppers in mature
markets are shifting more toward 'Do-It-For-Me' (DIFM), where they pay
tradespeople to do home maintenance for them instead of doing it
themselves." (CoreSight Research 2016)

And this DIFM market is not well served, held back by friction and fear.
According to a recent study by, "55% [of consumers]
agreed they try to tackle a maintenance issue or home-improvement
project themselves rather than call a professional, yet only 31% said
their DIY projects were completed without major problems. In fact, a
third of participants said they'd started a job and given up halfway

Truly convenient DIFM options are lacking. Attempts to solve this
through matchmaking sites have fallen short of expectations. They are
unable to address the fears holding consumers back from purchasing
products that they perceive will be a hassle to install. Retailers and
manufacturers must find ways to simplify and customize the buying
experience to attract consumers in the DIFM market. The Installed-Sales
solutions offered to consumers under the Buy It Installed® brand are the
first to meet the full demand of the DIFM segment.

According to Tech Crunch, "DIFM is more than software. DIFM combines
technology automation with specialized labor to deliver a complete
solution to a business problem. It's as much about people-powered
customer service as it is about code-powered efficiency. DIFM is
sweeping the consumer world and will do the same for the business world."

Buy It Installed, Inc. has leveraged its understanding of the complex
Installed-Sales market and added Artificial Empathy to its technology to
provide exceptional service to consumers. Manufacturers and retailers
are seeing the results for products with the Buy It Installed® button
and barcode. These products show an increase in sales, a decrease in
cart abandonment rates, and fewer product returns.

"Having an option for consumers to more easily purchase products by
providing a seamless installation option is no longer a ‘nice to have.'
It is a ‘must have' in order to stay competitive," said Buy It
Installed, Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer, Grant
Van Cleve
. "Not having an integrated installation solution will
impact potential sales, and it risks punishment in the markets and
investment community."

To learn more about the consumer frustrations Buy It Installed, Inc. is
solving with their integrated installation solution, read The
Consumer Buying Journey: The Difficulties Behind DIY

About Micro Center

Micro Center is the nations' leading computer and electronics device
retailer, operating 25 large stores in major markets nationwide. Founded
in 1979 in Columbus, OH, Micro Center has grown steadily and profitably.
Their high-volume retail stores are designed to satisfy the needs of a
wide variety of consumers - from casual to tech-savvy – with
well-trained associates who offer technical solutions in an immersive
shopping environment. Consumers can visit Micro Center's 25 stores from
coast-to-coast or for the best collections of
computer-related items, electronics and other technology products.

About Buy It Installed, Inc.

Buy It Installed, Inc. is an Irvine, CA-based, venture-backed technology
company with an integrated installation solution that connects
retailers, manufacturers, and their consumers to skilled and trusted
service-providers for installation and product services. On the surface,
Buy It Installed® is a simple solution that increases conversion rates
and decreases cart abandonment, product returns, and warranty claims.
Behind the scenes, Buy It Installed, Inc. uses a proprietary
technological architecture and an advanced form of AI, called Artificial
Empathy, resulting in satisfaction and scale never seen in the
Installed-Sales industry. Learn more at,
and Instagram.

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