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SDAT's Maryland Business Express Begins Accepting Previous Year Filings Online


Businesses Can Now File Up to 10 Years of Overdue Annual Reports and
Personal Property Tax Returns Online to Regain Good Standing Status

The Maryland
Department of Assessments and Taxation
(SDAT) has updated its
award-winning Maryland
Business Express
(MBE) site to now allow online filing of up to 10
years of overdue Annual Reports and Personal Property Tax Returns. This
previously paper-based process will enable business owners to more
quickly and easily bring their entities into good standing status and
maintain or regain the ability to legally conduct business in Maryland.

"Maryland is Open for Business, and SDAT is doing its part by making it
easier and faster than ever for busy business owners to get back on a
path to success after failing to submit a required filing," said SDAT
Director Michael Higgs. "We are continuously working to launch new
online services to improve the support and guidance our Department
provides to Maryland's hard working business owners."

Eligible Maryland businesses now have the ability to conveniently submit
overdue annual filings for up to 10 previous years online. This was
formerly a service that was only available by mail or in-person during
standard operating hours, but is now available 24/7 and can even be
completed on a mobile device. Once completed, businesses can pay for
multiple filings with one online payment and will be notified by the
Department if there are any additional steps that need to be taken to
regain good
standing status
. If a customer starts to complete an Annual Report
or Personal Property Tax Return, but leaves the filing in incomplete
status, they will be emailed a reminder to finish the form before it is

All business entities formed, qualified, or registered to do business in
Maryland must file an Annual Report every year. If your business owns,
leases, or uses personal property in Maryland and/or maintains a
trader's license with a local unit of government in Maryland, you must
also file a Personal Property Tax Return. If you do not file the
required documents by the annual deadline on April 15, your business
will fall out of good standing status and may eventually be forfeited.
If a business is forfeited, it no longer has the authority to conduct
business in Maryland and has no right to its name.

While failure to submit required annual filings is the most common
reason why a business entity falls out of good standing status, there
are several other requirements that an entity must comply with in order
to remain in good standing in Maryland. As an aid to Maryland businesses
that have fallen out of good standing and are facing forfeiture in
October, SDAT has launched a Potential
Domestic Forfeiture Search
. This feature will allow customers to
search the database using a Department ID number or entity name to
determine the exact reason their business is not in good standing. With
this information, customers can then take the necessary steps to
resolving the issue and prevent forfeiture. If you have any additional
questions about why your entity is facing forfeiture, please email

SDAT strongly recommends that all business owners sign up for our email
distribution list
to receive timely reminders about filing these
important documents by the required deadline.

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