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ProtoKinetix AAGP® Molecule Moving Forward in Key Healthcare Studies Targeting Important Health Care Solutions


ProtoKinetix, Incorporated (
(the "Company" or "ProtoKinetix") (OTCQB: PKTX)
and Chief Executive Officer Clarence Smith is pleased at the progress of
the health care applications projects the Company has underway.
According to Mr. Smith "To that end, ProtoKinetix is continuing to
collaborate with some of the most prestigious research institutions. The
Company is focusing on research efforts in areas where our AAGP®
molecule can significantly impact the success of healthcare outcomes."

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for more detailed updates.

Current projects underway include the following:

1. Solutions for Diabetes
Diabetes study currently in a Phase 1
human trial.
- Islet Transplantation Using PKX-001

2. Solutions for blindness from age related macular degeneration
Cell Replacement study has started Phase 3.

3. Immunology Studies

a) Cord Blood Stem Cell Storage and Recovery.
b) Cord Blood Stem
Cell Transplantation and Engraftment.
c) Monoclonal Antibodies,
‘study completed'.

4. Solutions Enabling Healthy Survival of Strokes and Heart Attacks
Projects for Cardiac/Heart Research includes:

a) Suppression of doxorubicin toxicity
b) Glucolipotoxity protection
Endoplasmic reticulum stress mediation
d) Ischemic damage repair
Whole heart ex-vivo preservation

Research being conducted under proprietary MTA agreements include:

5. Solutions enabling increased healthy numbers of life saving stem cells
Transfer Agreement ‘A' includes studies for:

a) Cryopreservation of primary mammalian tissue cells
b) Enhancing
the viability of primary mammalian cells
c) Cell lines under
stressed culture conditions

6. Material Transfer Agreement ‘B' includes studies for:

a) Immune Cell Cryopreservation recovery, ‘study completed'

In Our Current Pipeline:

Two studies with an undetermined start dates are Kidney Ischemia and
Liver Perfusion.
The company is actively negotiating material
transfer agreements with other companies for collaborative research
CEO Clarence Smith notes that the company has adequate
cash on hand for project continuation and company operations for the
near term.

About ProtoKinetix, Incorporated

ProtoKinetix is a molecular biotechnology company that has developed and
patented a family of hyper stable, potent glycopeptides (AAGP®) that
enhance both engraftment and protection of transplanted cells used in
regenerative medicine. Due to the results achieved over the last four
years of testing, the University of Alberta has begun Phase 1 human
clinical trials. Additional studies will be expanded to include whole
organ transplantation and all therapies that are being developed
globally to date; diabetes, retinal degeneration, cardiac repair and
many other degenerative conditions. In addition, we are studying the
potential impact on several cancer therapies.

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