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Welcome Home to Wellness: Delos Launches World's First Residential Wellness Technology Platform


The DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence
platform monitors, calibrates and activates indoor home environments,
responding to changing conditions to help improve human health,
well-being and performance.

the pioneer of wellness real estate and founder of the WELL Building
Standard™, announced today the launch of the DARWIN
Home Wellness Intelligence platform
— a groundbreaking offering
designed to enhance health outcomes in the home and mitigate harmful
indoor environmental concerns, utilizing Delos' proprietary wellness
algorithms and sensor technologies, to create spaces that help reduce
stress, improve sleep quality, increase performance and enhance overall

"Despite most of human history spent outside, we now spend nearly 90% of
our time indoors, and yet rarely focus on the impact the indoor
environment can have on our health and well-being. Through extensive
scientific research and real-world testing, we discovered that we can
mitigate environmental triggers within our homes to enhance both
physical and emotional well-being," said Delos Chief Executive Officer
and Founder Paul Scialla. "Delos' DARWIN platform incorporates health
and wellness features and technologies into the home to bring the
benefits of natural outdoor conditions inside. We are excited to work
with our global partners to introduce a new era of wellness technology
into homes."

Backed by over seven years of research, the DARWIN Home Wellness
Intelligence platform focuses on four main components: air filtration,
water purification, circadian lighting and comfort-focused technologies,
all of which simulate the natural outdoor condition. Powered by Delos'
proprietary cloud-based algorithms, the dynamic platform interacts with
an ecosystem of Delos approved products and solutions to bring wellness
intelligence into the connected home environment. DARWIN is flexible and
accessible, launching across all segments of the housing market, from
mass market to luxury.

Delos is partnering with premier dealers, installers, builders and other
stakeholders across the globe to integrate the DARWIN Home Wellness
Intelligence platform into residences:

  • HTSA Network: Delos is training professionals throughout the
    United States to become accredited DARWIN dealers and installers.
  • Simonds Homes: Simonds, a leading volume home builder in
    Australia, will include DARWIN as part of its base package in all new
    homes in the state of Victoria beginning this month, setting a new
    baseline for market rate housing.
  • KB Home: Delos is a title sponsor for the KB "Home of Future",
    scheduled to be unveiled at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las
    Vegas. DARWIN will be featured as the home's wellness technology
  • Lateral Estate: Lateral, a preeminent Australian real estate
    developer, has announced DARWIN as a standard offering in all of its
    multi-family residences at Parc Blakehurst in Sydney.
  • 1371 Summitridge Drive, 521 North Cannon Drive: As part of a
    broad national roll out in luxury housing, these luxury single family
    homes in Beverly Hills, California incorporate the comprehensive home
    wellness platform, making them the first luxury residences to be
    powered by DARWIN. DARWIN is currently being commissioned by many of
    the most sought after newly constructed luxury homes in the United

"For years, the value proposition of smart technology in the home has
been elusive for the masses," said Delos Chief Technology Officer Jim
Hunter. "These technologies have primarily focused on security, energy,
convenience and entertainment. However, it is the health and well-being
of the ones we love that is most valuable. Born out of extensive
research, DARWIN is the delivery platform for our wellness algorithms
that helps improve the environmental conditions where we live, work,
sleep and play."

Delos has fostered leading research collaborations with the Cleveland
Clinic, Mayo Clinic, a board of doctors from the Columbia University
Medical Center and architects, scientists and wellness thought leaders
to introduce wellness standards, programs and solutions into the built
environment. Delos established the Well Living Lab™ in collaboration
with Mayo Clinic — the world's first lab committed to researching the
real-world impacts of the indoor environment on human health and
performance. Delos' wellness technologies and solutions, along with the
International WELL Building Institute's WELL Building Standard, have
seen broad adoption of wellness real estate programs across the
commercial real estate market, with nearly 1,000 projects in 35
countries. Building upon the substantial success in the commercial
sector, the launch of the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform
marks the first expansion of Delos' offerings to the residential
smart-home market.

"Our home environment has a profound impact on our health, well-being
and happiness. As the pioneer of wellness real estate and the founder of
the WELL Building Standard, the introduction of the DARWIN Home Wellness
Intelligence platform is a natural extension of Delos' leading science
and research and makes improved health, well-being and happiness
available to all," said Deepak Chopra (Delos Advisory Board Member).

About Delos

Delos is a wellness real estate and technology company that is
transforming the lives of people around the world by creating
residential and commercial spaces designed to improve health, well-being
and performance. Informed by seven years of research and rigorous
analysis of environmental health impacts on people, Delos and its
affiliates offer an array of innovative technology, consulting and
design solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Delos'
wholly-owned subsidiary, the International WELL Building Institute pbc,
delivers the WELL Building Standard™, the premier standard for
buildings, interior spaces and communities seeking to implement,
validate and measure features that support and advance human health and
wellness. Delos' advisory board is comprised of leading professionals
across real estate, government policy, medicine and sustainability,
including renowned wellness luminary Deepak Chopra and sustainability
advocate Leonardo DiCaprio. For more information about Delos, please

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