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Cloudistics Migration Manager Enables Same-Day Workload Migrations between Virtualization or Cloud Platforms


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the cloud software platform company, today announced the release of its
Cloudistics Migration Manager for the company's Ignite platform. A
no-cost application that is built into the Cloudistics Application
Marketplace, it provides point-and-click live migration for workloads to
Cloudistics, enabling users to migrate workloads in hours rather than
weeks, as is the norm with most platforms. Organizations usually find
application migration to be complicated and time consuming, so by
including Migration Manager with every Cloudistics platform, customers
can sidestep a problem, accelerate time to value, and increase immediate

Cloudistics Migration Manager is a game changer for organizations that
need to migrate from older virtualization platforms. With Cloudistics,
the process is now as simple as downloading a template, booting up a VM,
setting up application connections to VMware and Cloudistics, then
pointing, clicking, and letting the tool migrate the application in a
fraction of a day.

Apart from being rapid, with Migration Manager, migrations do not
require preparations like software staging or pre-configurations, nor
are post-migration reconfigurations necessary. Additionally, to
eliminate any risk from the migration for critical workloads, Migration
Manager allows customers to trial-migrate VMs into isolated virtual
networks in order to validate the migration process for a particular VM
before performing the final migration.

Cloudistics Migration Manager joins a growing number of integrated,
included, no-cost innovations like EarlyInsight, a premium support
offering that includes automated trouble ticket creation, built-in
access to a support engineer for hardware and software, phone, chat,
email, and one-button log retrieval for all aspects of the platform.

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About Cloudistics

Cloudistics, a cloud software platform company, enables enterprises and
service providers to deliver cloud services. Its software-defined
technology natively converges network, storage, compute, virtualization,
and management into a single platform to drive unprecedented simplicity
in the data center. Customers can start with a base and scale to
multi-site and multi-geo infrastructures with predictable economics and
performance. With open and secure virtual networking, elastic all-flash
storage, application orchestration and SaaS management, Cloudistics is
the blueprint for application-optimized enterprise cloud
infrastructures. Learn more at
or follow @cloudistics
on Twitter.

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