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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Launches New Medicare Supplement Plans to Make Health Care More Affordable for Georgia Residents


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Georgia (Anthem) is committed to
giving consumers access to high-quality, affordable health care while
reducing their out-of-pocket costs. As part of that commitment, Anthem
is offering new Medicare Supplement plans to Georgia residents who have
Original Medicare. Original Medicare – also known as Medicare Part A and
Part B – doesn't cover many common health care costs, such as copayments
and deductibles, often leaving consumers with significant health care
expenses. Anthem's Medicare Supplement plans offer coverage for these
items and, as a result, reduce consumers' out-of-pocket costs for their
health care.

"Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield strives to meet the health care needs
of consumers with innovative products and services that help them lead
healthier lives," said Tomas Orozco, President of the company's Medicare
East Region. "We know that health care costs are of great concern for
older adults so we aim to deliver services that minimize their
out-of-pocket costs while ensuring they receive the highest quality

Medicare Supplement Plans A, F, G, and N cover many of the gaps in
Original Medicare, with some coverage differences between plans. For
example, Plans A, F, G and N cover coinsurance and hospital costs
associated with Medicare Part A. However, Medicare Supplement Plans F,
G, and N cover the coinsurance for skilled nursing facility care but
Plan A does not. Coinsurance is the percentage of health care costs a
consumer is responsible for once they've met their plan deductible.

An additional benefit of Medicare Supplement plans is there are no
provider networks. This means consumers have the freedom to see any care
provider who accepts Medicare patients.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield also will give people enrolled in
these Medicare Supplement plans a membership to SilverSneakers®,
at no cost. SilverSneakers helps millions of aging seniors and older
adults take greater control of their health by engaging participants in
more frequent exercise, strength training, aerobics, and flexibility
training through a variety of venues and programming.

Individuals who choose Anthem's new Medicare Supplement Plans A, F, G,
and N will also have the opportunity to enroll in Georgia Extras, a
program that helps consumers with their overall health. Georgia Extras
gives members a choice of three plans, all of which include dental and
vision benefits because healthy teeth and eyes contribute to overall
well-being. Georgia Extras also offers other options with more extensive
benefits that may include older adult care and travel assistance.

Many Medicare Supplement enrollees pair their plan with a Part D plan,
offered by the Anthem, Inc. health insurance company Blue Cross and Blue
Shield of Georgia. Part D plans cover prescription medication costs.

Consumers can compare the different coverages available in Medicare
Supplement plans by going to resources such as
or Anthem's website.

Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private companies, such as Anthem,
have premiums, and require participation in Medicare Parts A and B.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Georgia is part of Anthem, Inc.,
one of the nation's leading health benefits companies. Anthem, Inc. also
includes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, a brand familiar to many
consumers in Georgia. Anthem, Inc.'s affiliated companies serve more
than 74 million consumers, including nearly 40 million within Anthem's
family of health plans. In Georgia, Anthem serves more than 3.8 million

For more information about Anthem, visit

SilverSneakers® is not insurance and may be
discontinued at any time. The SilverSneakers
Fitness Program is provided by an independent company.

About Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Anthem Insurance
Companies, Inc. (AICI). The Medicare Supplement plans are offered by
AICI and the Georgia Extras Packages are offered by Blue Cross and Blue
Shield of Georgia. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue
Shield Association. ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance
Companies, Inc.

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