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Drift, Conversational Marketing and Sales Giant, Selects LeadMD as First Certified Enterprise Agency Partner


The partnership plays to both companies' strengths, serving to
amplify B2B brands' marketing and sales success

the world's leading Modern Marketing Firm, today announces its
partnership with Drift,
the leading conversational marketing and sales platform. By entering
into this relationship, LeadMD will be tapping into Drift's extensive
functionality to empower and extend its existing sales and marketing
offerings, including buyer journey mapping, account and buyer personas
and sales playbooks. As a result, LeadMD customers will experience the
benefits of increased buyer conversion and shortened time to sales,
while Drift customers will enjoy enhanced time to value and deeper
utilization of the Drift platform.

"LeadMD is excited to partner with Drift as a means of operationalizing
the playbooks we create to empower our customers' account-based and
demand generation go-to-market strategies," said Justin Gray, CEO of
LeadMD. "Today's buyers want to have a conversation on their terms and
within their timing. Traditional martech tools take that power away and
position frictional gates, like forms, as a blocker to true engagement.
Drift breaks down those barriers and allows the buyer and the brand to
meet on the buyer's terms, without giving up the insights and
preparedness the brand needs to provide real value in that on-demand

This partnership comes on the heels of notable growth and momentum for
LeadMD. The agency recently debuted its revenue
acceleration framework
(RAF) built for existing clients and new
customers, which helps align clients' revenue goals with the right
people, processes and technology to achieve desired growth. Furthermore,
LeadMD's CEO Justin Gray was just named to the Phoenix Business
Journal's prestigious ‘40
under 40
' list, honoring the best leaders in the valley. This
partnership with Drift is yet another way in which LeadMD is helping to
shape the B2B industry by defining best practices and innovation in the
field of marketing.

"Drift is excited to announce LeadMD as a certified partner in
Conversational Marketing. We're also honored to be included among the
ranks of Marketo & Salesforce as a LeadMD Platinum Partner," said Jared
Fuller, senior director of partnerships at Drift. "Since we've started
working with the LeadMD team, it has become clear they are committed to
making the future of marketing conversations driven. Over the past
several years, LeadMD has been ahead of the curve in marketing
automation, account based marketing and now conversational marketing.
Drift is proud to have them as an official certified partner."

Drift is unique in that it enables conversions directly on a website,
thus eliminating the need for webforms, and empowering companies to
serve up truly tailored messages to their audiences. It also allows
businesses to build complex workflows and experiences for their buyers,
based upon existing data as well as information gathered in real-time on
the website. There are also data enrichment and sales enablement
offerings on the horizon, and many other disruptive applications down
the line. To learn more about Drift, please visit

About LeadMD

LeadMD is the number one modern marketing firm in the U.S. Launched in
2009, LeadMD empowers marketers to create business impact. The company
focuses on people, processes, and technology that create predictable and
sustainable revenue operations for high growth and enterprise brands.
LeadMD has helped thousands of marketing and sales teams improve and
deliver value through strategy, technology, education and repeatable,
proven tactics that work. For more information, visit
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