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Paragon Technology Partners Employs Aprenda Systems to Simplify the Management of Healthcare Provider Data Across Its Suite of Technology Partners


Aprenda's cloud-based platform, "Signature," automates the
traditional manual process of data management, saving companies
significant time.

Technology Partners, LLP
, technology experts who connect managed
care companies with top-quality technology solutions for more efficient
business, is proud to announce it has partnered with Aprenda
, a Houston-based technology company working to streamline
the manual administrative processes that add unnecessary costs and
processing time for providers in today's healthcare markets.

Aprenda System's key product, Signature,
is a cloud-based platform that simplifies and automates the collection
and management of healthcare provider data by connecting websites,
applications, and third-party technologies. Signature uses API
technology and auto-populated forms to impact internal and external
operations, allowing healthcare organizations and providers to easily
collect and share data in real time. This automation reduces traditional
manual processes; eliminates duplicative requests, transcription errors,
and administrative delays; and improves processing times exponentially.

Paragon's sister companies, Healthcare
Provider Connections
(HCPC) and ACR
Consulting Services
(ACR), have adopted Signature as their
sole database for tracking network development activities and organizing
large provider practices. This allows a seamless process from provider
contracting to credentialing and website directories for payers working
with Paragon and eliminates dual data entry. The result is a significant
savings in man hours, duplicate entries, and submission errors.

"Our mission at Paragon Technology Partners is to bring top-quality
solutions to our customers. Aprenda System's Signature
streamlines manual data processes, increases accuracy and efficiency;
which is greatly needed in today's healthcare environment," says Amanda
C. Ratliff, COO, Paragon Technology Partners.

"We are excited about our growth in the healthcare technology
industries," says Alex Izaguirre, PhD. Founder of Aprenda Systems and
designer of its key product Signature. "We designed Signature
to systemize the processes that slow down patient access to healthcare.
Inaccurate and out-of-date data costs the healthcare system billions in
lost revenue and time wasted each year. Signature simplifies the
process and ensures accurate data across the healthcare ecosystem, so
patients can find doctors faster and healthcare providers can see
patients sooner."

About Paragon Technology Partners

Paragon Technology Partners was founded by Heather Burke of Chicago, IL
and Amanda C. Ratliff of Delaware, OH. The two partners have a deep
desire to build top-quality networks and bring solid deliverables to
their Health Care partners.

About Aprenda Systems

Aprenda Systems was founded in 2013 when Alexander Izaguirre, PhD,
recognized the similarities between the solutions he was providing to
hospitals and medical centers and the common challenges experienced
across the healthcare industry. Its key product, "Signature" is the
world's easiest, cloud-based data management platform for healthcare
providers. Its API technology saves stakeholders time, money and the
frustration associated with collecting, managing and maintaining
accurate data used for onboarding, credentialing, privileging, billing,
claims, online directories and more.

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