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One Day Course: How to Improve Accuracy and Attention to Detail (London, United Kingdom - October 9th, 2018) -


The "How
to Improve Accuracy and Attention to Detail"
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This course will help you improve your overall attention to detail and
accuracy by using some essential planning and attention improving
techniques. The programme is highly participative, combining the
presentation of theory together with sharing experiences and individual
and group exercises

The course is highly participative, combining the
presentation of theory, sharing experience and individual and group

Key Benefits of Attending

Correcting errors can be time consuming and expensive. This course is
designed to improve performance through improving accuracy and attention
in the workplace. It will focus on increasing awareness of the impact of
mistakes and will have a focus on learning approaches and techniques to
improve accuracy, and hence improve efficiency and effectiveness.

It will help you:

  • Understand the psychology of attention to detail in day-to-day work
  • Understand the psychology of attention and accuracy
  • Learn how to improve your attention space and accuracy
  • Discuss how to improve focus and concentration and improve performance


Introduction and Objectives


  • Understanding the importance of accuracy and attention to detail and
    the impact of making mistakes and errors
  • Discussion of examples of issues and sharing tips on what works well
    to stay focused and prevent errors to improve performance
  • Common errors and what causes us to make them

Brief Overview of the Psychology of Attention

  • The different theories of attention are the capacity theory, the
    mental bottleneck (filter) theory and selective attention
  • Personality types and how this influences the mistakes we make, eg
    Insights colours, Belbin
  • Diagnostic for assessing attention

Techniques, Tips and Tools to Help Reduce Errors in Working

  • Maximising energy levels (e.g. 2 minute break-time, diet, lifestyle,
    doing something physical)
  • Exercises to improve attention fitness - practice improving attention
    span using brain games/training
  • Discussion considerations for reducing errors by optimising storage
    processes, labelling, visibility, organization, technology as an

Action Planning

  • Identification of your personal areas of strength and areas for
    improvement following the course

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