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NovellusDx and Primetech Sign an Exclusive Dealer Agreement in Japan


NovellusDx, Ltd. (CEO: Haim Gil-Ad, headquarters: Jerusalem Bio-Park,
Hadassah medical center, Ein-Kerem Campus, Israel) and Primetech Co.,
Ltd. (President: Ryosuke Ogihara, Head office: 1-3-25 Koishikawa,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan) announce that Primetech will provide
NovellusDx' functional genomics assay "FACT – Functional Annotation for
Cancer Treatment" as an exclusive dealer in Japan for the pre-clinical
market with sales, marketing and research support / technical support in

"We are pleased to be represented by such a trusted and honorable name
as Primetech," said Haim Gil-Ad, NovellusDx CEO, "Japan is the first
territory where we grant agent agreements. This echoes our strong belief
that the Japanese oncology market is of the upmost importance."

"Precision medicine is changing oncology worldwide," said Ryosuke
Ogihara, Primetech president, "optimizing targeted treatment strategy
based on tumor molecular alteration is more efficacious than standard
treatment based on tumor localization and being able to measure the
activity of specific mutations and their response to drugs is

"We are excited to offer NovellusDx' functional oncology assay to our
existing pharma and research center clients," said Keiichi Teramoto,
Director of Marketing, of Primetech. "The FACT system has a great
ability to predict the clinical outcome of the patients in the complex
real-life setting. Now we will be able to bring the system to our
clients developing cancer drugs and mechanisms of action."

"Today, genomic sequencing plays an ever-increasing role in cancer
treatment, but the functional significance of most mutations found in a
patient's DNA is unknown and so is the effect drugs have on them," said
Michael Vidne CCO of NovellusDx. "Japan is a huge, advanced market with
the top research centers and pharma companies operating here. It is an
honor for us to be able and help them."

About Primetech

Primetech is a manufacturer and distributor of high technology
life-science research equipment throughout Japan for more than 30 years.
Primetech has technically advanced staffs, and an intimate knowledge of
the Japanese marketplace allow it to assist companies in penetrating the
Japanese market. Primetech's mission is to create true value for
customers who research challenging issues in the advanced life science.
Primetech provides better solutions to satisfy our customer needs and
contribute to the progress and improvement of society with our prime
technology and customer support.


About NovellusDx

NovellusDx's mission is to provide functional information about
mutations and their responses to drugs so that oncologists can treat
patients with precision therapies and bio-pharmaceutical companies can
develop drugs more effectively. The NovellusDx approach is to monitor
the functional effects of mutations and observe the effects of drugs,
drug combinations and drug candidates on the activity level caused by
the mutations. NovellusDx's headquarters and research and development
operations are based in Jerusalem, Israel.


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