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This report is based on millions of annual comprehensive business
surveys. The report is utilized for a range of strategic purposes,
including benchmarking, due diligence, cost-cutting, planning,
evaluating opportunities, forecasting, streamlining, and gap analysis.

The report is loaded with over 100 insightful data sets, such historical
and forecasted industry sales, operating expense details, product line
breakdown, financial ratios, benchmarks, wages, profitability,
organizational analysis, revenue per employee, state statistics, price
inflation, consolidation analysis, firm dynamics, pay ranges for
different roles, firm size data, employment, and much more.

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  • Industry Size & Attractiveness: In 2017, Industry Sales Were $80.3
  • Industry Growth: Over the Past 3 Years, the Industry Has Grown at an
    Annual Rate of 4.8%
  • Company Growth: There are 22,357 Companies in the Industry
  • Sales Per Company: In 2017, the Average Sales Per Company Was $3.6
  • Inflation & Pricing: 2018 Forecasted Inflation is 2%
  • Company Size Benchmarks: From 2012 to 2017, the Number of Companies
    With 20-99 Employees Grew 22.4%
  • Profitability: For Unprofitable Companies, the Average Net Loss is -8%
  • Financial Ratio Benchmarks: Companies in the Industry Average a Fixed
    Asset Turnover Ratio of 2.9
  • Rightsizing Analysis: Employee Productivity is $58,053
  • Expense Benchmarking: 3.7% of Expenses is Spent on Health Insurance
  • Operating Expenses: In 2017, Industry Operating Expenses Grew 4.1%
  • Payroll: In 2017, Payroll Per Employee Was $27,093
  • Payroll by State: California Averages $36,236 in Payroll Per Employee
  • Job Categorization Benchmarks: 2.6% of Employees in the Industry are
    in Management Positions
  • Job Categorization Pay Ranges: The Average Industry Hourly Pay for
    Office and Administrative Jobs is $18.12

Key Topics Covered

  • Report Overview
  • Industry Overview
  • Industry Snapshot - Revenue & Growth
  • Industry Snapshot - Costs & Profitability

Section One: Revenue & Growth Benchmarks

  • Industry Growth Details
  • Growth Benchmarks
  • Breakdown of Product Lines
  • Product Line Growth
  • Services Subsector Growth
  • Income vs. Revenue Growth Matrix
  • Sales per Capita by State
  • Sales as a Percent of Income by State
  • Sales per Establishment by State
  • Pricing & Inflation
  • Consolidation Analysis
  • Employment by Firm Size
  • Services Subsector Consolidation Analysis
  • Services Subsector Consolidation Analysis

Section Two: Cost, Capital & Profit Benchmarks

  • Profitability & Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Operating Expenses
  • Operating Expenses by Firm & Establishment
  • Operating Expense Detail
  • Productivity & Industry Employment
  • Employee Productivity by State
  • Industry Payroll
  • Payroll by Size of Firm
  • Payroll per Employee by State
  • Job Categorization Benchmarks
  • Job Categorization Pay Ranges
  • Top 20 Jobs Breakdown
  • Top 20 Jobs Pay
  • Total Employment by State
  • Population to Every Employee by State

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