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7.9 Million Aussies Are Opting to Dine In


New research from Crock-Pot reveals Australians prefer home-cooked
meals, yet are a nation of terrible cooks

The glamour of dining out has been surpassed by Aussies' desire to eat
at home, with a surprising 7.9 million turning to home-cooked meal
solutions, according to new Crock-Pot research released today.

The research revealed that while most enjoy dinner at home every night
(68 per cent every week night and 52 per cent on weekends), Aussies are
poor cooks. Yet, as Crock-Pot has found in their data, talent is no
barrier. Despite over half claiming to have below average cooking skills
(54 per cent), Aussies are empowering themselves, with 67 per cent
seeking new cooking methods, and 41 per cent now entertaining at home
more than five to ten years ago.

As more Aussies are opting to dine in, the data found general health is
the leading driver for food choices (43 per cent choosing this as their
top health concern), indicating that increasing health concerns are
redirecting our lifestyle habits. The past decade has seen fried food
consumption drop by eight per cent and grains, salads and steamed food
increasing (15, eight and 12 per cent respectively). The growing impact
of dietary trends is also prominent, with Mediterranean and Vegetarian
cuisines seeing the biggest hike in consumption (14 per cent vs 24 per
cent and 15 per cent vs 25 per cent).

According to Crock-Pot, while health is front of mind for Australians,
time poverty is also a major lifestyle contributor. An alarming one
quarter of Aussies are time poor (23 per cent) and half of our
population (48 per cent) claim to not have time to cook as much as they
hope to. The findings also show a 14 per cent increase in slow/pressure
cooked meals, alongside the cheaper, perfect cut of meat for
slow-cooking, beef off cuts rising seven per cent. This highlights that
Aussies' busy lives have resulted in savvy, convenient, home cooking and
entertaining solutions.

Commenting on the research, Newell Brands Home Economist Jill Cooney
said, "We're proud to see Australians' foodie culture translate to their
home kitchen. It's long been known that we're a time-poor and health
conscious nation, looking for convenient and easy cooking solutions that
will fit into our everyday, busy lives. Yet, what's most exciting, is
not having skill be a barrier, and instead being empowered to spend more
time at home cooking for and entertaining family and friends."

In our digital age, as new product innovations become sought after, the
findings indicate ‘the MasterChef effect' is both inspiring and adding
pressure to our nation of terrible cooks. TV shows are inspiring 54 per
cent of Aussies; while 42 per cent feel more pressure to cook impressive
meals. Social media is also causing a rise in "Insta-worthy meals", with
a whopping 96 per cent inspired to prepare a meal by something they've
seen on social media, and 12 per cent are proud culprits of posting
their home-cooked creations on social media.

Thankfully, Crock-Pot® has the solution to help Australians prepare
healthy, flavorsome home cooked meals at ease with the all-new
Crock-Pot® Express Multi-Cooker. The Express revolutionises home cooking
with its ability to cook any dish up to 70 per cent faster at the touch
of a button, meaning less time in the kitchen and more time with friends
and family. The convenient solution for time-poor Australians' ‘mid-week
meal dilemma', the 12 in 1 multi-cooker can Pressure Cook, Slow Cook,
Steam, Sauté and more so you can easily prepare any recipe, using one
convenient appliance in no time without compromising the taste.

The Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker is available from leading
electrical specialists and department stores for $149.00.

Notes to editors:

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Additional research findings:

  • Weighing in on health concerns: General health is the leading
    driver of Australians' food choices (43 per cent ranked it top),
    followed by obesity (13 per cent ranked it top), diabetes (7 per cent
    ranked it top), heart, gut, bowel and mental health (8, 7, 5 and 4 per
    cent ranked it top respectively).
  • Aussies' love and pride of different cultural cuisines: Popularity
    has risen the most for Mediterranean, Mexican and Indian foods with 11
    per cent more Aussies enjoying them than the past decade.
  • Mealtime, a family tradition: Surprisingly, three quarters of
    Aussies (72 per cent) are making an effort and eating meals as a
    family, with NSW, ACT and Victoria leading the way (75 per cent for
    all), yet SA & NT fall underneath the national average at 62 per cent.
  • The Sunday Roast lives on: Despite popular belief, four in five
    (80 per cent) Aussies still manage to have a Sunday Roast with family.
    The golden states are Victoria and WA (both 84 per cent).
  • The more cooks in the kitchen… The better cook you are:
    Surprisingly, the more kids in a household the stronger Australians'
    cooking ability is, with 93 per cent households of two or more
    children claiming to be competent cooks, vs 85 per cent of households
    with no children.
  • Millennials' screen time here to stay: Perhaps unsurprisingly,
    millennials are the biggest tech-fiends, with 85 per cent admitting to
    eating in front of the TV, 59 per cent checking social media, 65 per
    cent checking mobile phones, and 41 per cent while on the computer.


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Research conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of Newell Brands. Data
collected between 17 July 2018 to 23 July 2018. Sample collected n=1135.

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