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HRD Summit Jazzes up its US Roadshow with Music, in Partnership with Columbia Business School


HRD Summit Jazzes up its US Roadshow with Music, in Partnership with Columbia Business School

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LONDON and NEW YORK, August 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Leading event specialist, Contentive, in partnership with Columbia Business School's Executive Education division, has announced a leadership-focused roadshow to take place in New York on October 30 in the run up to its inaugural HRD People Leaders Summit in the US ( that focuses on people leadership, talent, engagement and learning. The summit is set to take place in Boston next March. As part of the ramp up to Boston, Contentive and Columbia Business School Executive Education are hosting an exclusive evening of Leadership Jazz for US-based CLOs and HR Leaders in New York City this fall. (

Contentive's mission is to build a community of senior HR people leaders and provide them learning and growth opportunities, pairing well with Columbia Business School Executive Education's mission to provide today's business executives with tangible learning that they can apply immediately and in the long term to successfully meet the challenges of their organization.

"Our partnership with Columbia Business School Executive Education demonstrates the ethos of our first ever US HRD People Leaders Summit and brings home the business school's message that successful leaders give others the opportunity to lead as well," says Sandeep Saujani, CEO of HRD and Contentive Limited.

The Leadership Jazz event, taking place on October 30, 2018 at the Kitano Hotel in New York City, is an experiential learning exercise - one of many that are integrated into the Executive Education programs offered by Columbia Business School - during which executives will explore leadership and management techniques through the improvisational world of jazz. As the first in the series of planned roadshows, aimed at engaging senior people leaders across every industry vertical, it will offer Chief People Officers, Chief Learning Officers & HR Leaders a unique opportunity to experience the learning that they can disseminate across their talent bench and to engage with their peers in an exclusive and stimulating setting.

Guided by Paul Ingram, Kravis Professor of Business at Columbia Business School and Chris Washburne, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology at Columbia University, top musicians will not only display their musical talent but also share their insights on such topics as collaboration and the importance of listening, and answer questions from participants. What emerges will be a valuable discussion of the dynamics of individual excellence and constructive teamwork.

"Using the jazz experience as an organizing metaphor, participants consider the origins of jazz-an art form born of conflict and crisis-and how lessons for leadership from a jazz ensemble can help teams and organizations work better together," says Dil Sidhu, Associate Dean at Columbia Business School Executive Education. "As the exclusive education partner for the US HRD Summit, we look forward to engaging with senior executives and showing one of the many unique and engaging ways in which we teach leadership lessons to their top talent."

The Leadership Jazz evening in October offers a preview of what is to come in Boston in March 2019, when the HRD Summit's winning formula of innovative session formats, such as the tried and tested lightning talks, fireside chats and CoLabs, brings fresh ideas to the North American market.

More information about the Roadshow can be found at:

About the HRD Summit 

The HRD Summit hosts the most senior gathering of people directors on the globe. Operating for 17 years in the UK and Europe, the first Summit in the US has been announced for early 2019. Across two days the Summit will welcome more than 350 attendees to discuss, debate and knowledge share across four streams of content exploring Leadership, Talent, Engagement and Learning.

The event takes place at the Seaport Hotel in Boston on March 26 and 27, 2019.

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About Columbia Business School 

Columbia Business School is the only world-class, Ivy League business school that delivers a learning experience where academic excellence meets with real-time exposure to the pulse of global business.

Led by Dean Glenn Hubbard, the School's transformative curriculum bridges academic theory with unparalleled exposure to real world business practice, equipping students with an entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to recognize, capture, and create opportunity in any business environment.

The thought leadership of the School's faculty and staff, combined with the accomplishments of its distinguished alumni and position in the center of global business, means that the School's efforts have an immediate, measurable impact on the forces shaping business every day.

To learn more about Columbia Business School's position at the very center of business, please visit .

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