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Small Podcast Hosted by Firefighters Takes Over Top Charts


Small Podcast Hosted by Firefighters Takes Over Top Charts

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Kevin Rauber & Thomas Sullivan, out of Rochester, NY, created something they had never planned to grow as fast, or as big, as they had anticipated. Back in February, they started a small podcast titled, "Hellbound with Halos," a production of Girls Gone Grunt, LLC, with a community base in mind of people that are genuinely kind and good hearted, but have whispered under their breath, "I'm gonna go to hell for this," once or twice.

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Almost everyone can relate with these two. In February, a couple of firefighters decided to make the jump into the Podcast world. With over a Million Podcasts available, they didn't have hopes set high for huge success. But they thought wrong. Over the last 6 months, their audience has grown tremendously, reaching thousands an episode, growing over 1000% month to month and even making the iTunes Top Charts. This success keeps them both very humble.

Kevin says, "We just wanted to create something for Police, Firefighters, Veterans and First Responders. The thought was to give them something to go and listen to, relate to and provide some 'realism' into Podcasts, from two everyday 'Joe's.' We talk about pretty much everything, from modern day stresses to porn, and put a fun twist on it. PTSD is really prevalent in our line of work. If we can give even one person a place to go and laugh a little, that's our mission."

And that they did. Their audience is comprised of not only those they wanted to originally target, but everyday people as well. One review from iTunes states, "I always can relate to the show somehow, someway. Their show ALWAYS makes me laugh."

In addition to connecting with people individually, they've hosted some notable people on their show as well. Some of those people include John Burk (Veteran Advocate and Social Media Star), Sean Whalen (Life Coach, Social Media Star, owner of Lions Not Sheep), Felicia Taylor (10 year Playboy Model), Kenna James (Adult Film Star), Greg Stanley (Famous Psychic), and more.

"We want to bring people on that will entertain our listeners, as well as give them insight into the guests lives. Not many people have the opportunity we have been given, and by having these guests, we've been fortunate for not only their time, but the content they've helped provide to our listeners," says Kevin.

They also have a co-host, Crystal, who resides in Sacramento, CA. Kevin says the decision to bring her on board was to give the female perspective on some of the topics they cover. "Crystal has been an amazing asset to the show. She's funny, witty and of course beautiful, which helps," Kevin laughs. Crystal is a Law Enforcement Analyst.

After noticing the growth, Kevin thought about connecting more with their listeners and creating a community entitled, "HellboundNation." "We really wanted to connect with our listeners. Being a recorded podcast, they can't interact with us and that's where we wanted to head."

Being a part of "HellboundNation" not only gets a subscriber a free decal package of the Podcast, it also provides exclusive discount offers for anything they sell. Kevin says, "We're an e-commerce store right now. We have costs just like any other business. We're not looking to get rich, we're just finding a way to offset costs to produce and maintain the show at this level." Kevin and Tom have worked diligently to see that their show continues on the successful path it's on.

They say what you're thinking, and they'll probably go to hell for it. Listen on ALL podcast apps including the major ones, iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud and Google Play! You can also become a part of the "HellboundNation" Community at

CONTACT INFORMATION - Kevin - (585) 703-2055

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