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The Legacy Lab launches the New Legacy Makers' Showcase, a brand-new honor celebrating the next-gen of modern legacy builders


The Legacy Lab launches the New Legacy Makers' Showcase, a brand-new honor celebrating the next-gen of modern legacy builders

Honored in partnership with the Disruptor Foundation: Naomi Wadler and Carter Anderson (#NeverAgain), Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao (MindRight), and Carmen LoBue (HERassment)

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Legacy Lab, an award-winning research lab and strategic consultancy focused on exploring the dynamics of long-term brand building in a short-term world, announces the launch of the New Legacy Makers' Showcase and Naomi Wadler and Carter Anderson (#NeverAgain), Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao (MindRight), and Carmen LoBue (HERassment) as its inaugural honorees.

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The New Legacy Makers' Showcase recognizes a small number of talented individuals who are disrupting an industry, challenging social conventions, and/or building a powerful brand culture for the long term—inspired by the ambitious founders, cofounders and refounders highlighted in the Legacy Lab's first book, Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World (McGraw-Hill Education), which demonstrates how to identify the traps of short-term thinking, marshal long-term ambitions, and build modern legacies.

Honorees must have an existing business platform that is less than three years old or be a student with an original idea that has the potential to create lasting change in commerce, culture or society. As a means of passing recognition forward, they were selected with the help of the legacy makers written about in Legacy in the Making. Each individual honoree receives a $1,000 grant.

The New Legacy Makers' Showcase is supported by the Disruptor Foundation, a private 501(C)3 non-profit organization with a mission of raising awareness of and encouraging the advancement of disruptive innovation theory and its application in societally-critical domains.

"We couldn't be more thrilled to recognize Naomi and Carter, Ashley and Alina, and Carmen as New Legacy Makers," said Mark Miller, founder of The Legacy Lab, chief strategy officer at Team One, and coauthor of Legacy in the Making.


Naomi Wadler and Carter Anderson
Naomi Wadler and Carter Anderson epitomize two legacy makers working to shift culture within their community and beyond. In March of 2018, 11-year-old classmates (best friends since kindergarten) Wadler and Anderson organized a walkout at George Mason Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia, to honor the 17 victims of the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting. Inspired by walkouts happening in high schools and colleges across the country, Wadler, Anderson and their classmates stood in silence for 18 minutes, adding an extra minute to honor Courtlin Arrington, a 17-year-old black girl who was shot at her Alabama high school three weeks after the tragedy in Parkland. Once the story spread, attracting wide media attention, Wadler was invited to speak at the March for Our Lives rally, where she powerfully encouraged the audience not to forget the black girls and women, like Arrington, who are disproportionately represented among the victims of gun violence. Wadler and Anderson are recognized for their commitment to driving lasting change by inspiring a conversation on gun violence and racism in the media—proving the power of personal ambition at any age.

Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao
Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao are recognized for their personal ambition to shift culture within communities of color. In June of 2016, Edwards and Liao cofounded MindRight, a tech nonprofit providing mental health coaching via text message. Edwards and Liao, who met at Stanford's joint MBA/MA in Education program, are working to reduce the stigma around mental health and empower youth of color to heal from trauma from systemic oppression, including poverty, violence, racism and discrimination. While on a mission to bring attention to this important issue, Edwards and Liao have galvanized support and action from school districts, government agencies, and community-based organizations, inspiring greater involvement to create lasting change.

Carmen LoBue
Carmen LoBue is recognized for her commitment to dismantling societal injustice while inspiring community participation through creative platforms. With a personal ambition to "heal the world" with her art, Carmen LoBue is working to create stories that give voice to social and political injustice. LoBue is currently producing and directing a documentary series called HERassment, which explores the various forms of harassment from the perspectives of marginalized people from all walks of life. After experiencing bullying, harassment, assault and alienation firsthand, LoBue has dedicated her work to uncovering the reasons behind this intolerable behavior and amplifying the stories that have previously gone untold.

Launched in Los Angeles in 2012 as a thought-leadership initiative within Team One—Publicis Groupe's premium and aspirational brand agency—The Legacy Lab draws on a diverse and insightful body of knowledge, including quantitative and qualitative research, semiotics, social listening, investigative reporting, and cultural anthropology. Perhaps best known for its in-depth interviews with the pioneering figures behind some of the world's most influential brands, our ever-growing community includes the leaders of Patagonia, Taylor Guitars, (RED), Tribeca Film Festival, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Lexus, The New Yorker, and Wimbledon.

Cofounded by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, Craig Hatkoff and Irwin Kula in 2009, the Disruptor Foundation pursues its mission—to raise awareness of and encourage the advancement of disruptive innovation theory and its application in societally-critical domains—via conferences, events, prizes, competitions and awards.


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