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Sun Glo Plating Company Now Offering Tin Plating Services


Sun Glo Plating Company Now Offering Tin Plating Services

A leader in industrial plating has expanded its services.

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CLEARWATER Fla., Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Representatives with Clearwater, Florida-based Sun Glo Plating Company, announced today that the company is now offering tin plating services.

"Tin is an extremely popular application choice in electroplating," said Dave Brackenhamer, director of business development and spokesman for Sun-Glo Plating Company. "Because tin is so easily obtainable it tends to be much less expensive than other metals like gold and silver, which renders it as one of the most cost-effective finishes."

Tin, according to Brackenhaner, is used in both the aerospace and telecommunications industries. It is also used for the manufacturing of electronic components, as tin can produce the appropriate amount of conductivity that would be required.

With tin plating services, the appearance can either be a whitish-a hue or a glossier metallic looking finish.

"The whitish finish is more commonly chosen when a dull or more matte finish is preferred whereas a glossy metallic look should be considered when something more polished is desired," Brackenhamer pointed out, before adding that there are three types of processes that can be used in tin plating.

Barrel plating, which is used for electroplating smaller parts, rack plating, used for larger parts that are more delicate and not suitable for barrel plating and vibratory plating, which is a process that is also used for more fragile parts, but tends to be more expensive.

Brackenhamer went on to note that a few benefits of this plating are that it's resistant to corrosion, increases durability, has low maintenance, excellent solder ability with lower cost.

The company spokesman pointed out that that Sun Glo Plating Company has more than 32 years of experience providing expert advice for both small and industrial sized clients. Its team brings decades of experience in delivering a quality product for our clients.

"Our team ensures your products are best in class, meets all the required specifications and are held to the highest standards," Brackenhamer said.

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