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Great Resumes Fast Publishes New Job Search Guide for Executives: "15 Keys to Getting Your Resume Through ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)"


Great Resumes Fast Publishes New Job Search Guide for Executives: "15 Keys to Getting Your Resume Through ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)"

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Executives who post their resumes face a daunting challenge: 98 percent of resumes are rejected by computerized ATS systems because the resumes fail to follow current practices. That means an employer will never see that resume.

To help C-Level executives and C-Suite executives make sure their resumes get past this initial screening test, Great Resumes Fast has published the definitive guide "15 Keys to Getting Your Resume Through ATS  (Applicant Tracking Systems)."

"I understand how frustrating it is to submit your resume only to be rejected by applicant tracking systems over and over again. With more than 98 percent of Fortune 500 organizations utilizing applicant tracking software it's important that your resume is formatted correctly so the hiring manager will see it. When executives follow the 15 keys I've identified, their resumes will cruise through screening systems and connect with employers," said Jessica Hernandez, CEO, Great Resumes Fast, an award-winning executive resume writing service for executives based in Jacksonville.

"Many executives and C-Level job seekers assume that at that level, they don't need to be concerned with Applicant Tracking Systems. They are wrong. Many companies use ATS for regulatory compliance with fair hiring practices. So an ATS scan might be a part of the process, even for high-level employees who network their way to an interview," she said.

The report gives current advice on such important topics as keywords. She advises executives to:

  • Target your resume to a specific role. Applicant Tracking Systems are built on the idea that a great candidate will have a very targeted, focused resume full of relevant keywords. Once you have a strong, achievement-based resume, some tailoring is still required based on the specific job posting.
  • Review the job posting for important keywords and key phrases.
  • Grab a highlighter and look through the job posting for important qualifications, skills, and experience. These are your keywords. Be sure to include any keywords that you can claim on your resume for that job application.

"Keywords are a critical part of your resume. Not using the right ones will stop your resume from progressing nearly every time. Understanding which keywords you need for the role you are seeking is essential for getting past applicant tracking systems," she said. "Many executives don't realize that different keywords carry different weight. When we work with executives to write their resumes, we use our proprietary tools and knowledge to ensure the resume has the correct keywords."

From a design and formatting standpoint, a lot has changed in the last few years regarding what is acceptable and what is not.

"Something as simple as keeping a live link (URL) in your header or footer can kick your resume out of the screening process depending on the software being used," she said. To ensure resumes don't set off alarm bells by violating new formatting standards, the report shows the latest research by Great Resumes Fast to correctly use:

  • Your name, post-nominal titles, dates, abbreviations, symbols, charts, graphs, headers, footers and dates in your professional experience entries
  • How to test file types to make sure the resume will not be rejected.

To download a free copy of "15 Keys to Getting Your Resume Through ATS  (Applicant Tracking Systems)" go to:

Working with Great Resumes Fast

"Creating your resume is hard because you're so close to your career. It's challenging to succinctly capture your experiences in a way that will catch a hiring manager's attention," she said. "You also need to know how to brand your resume for the position you are seeking, which most executives don't know how to do."

Executives who would like help writing their resumes can visit the Great Resumes Fast website so we can help put together a resume that gets interviews in 60 days, guaranteed.

To learn more about Great Resumes Fast's executive resume writing services, go to:

About Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez is President and CEO of Great Resumes Fast, a top-rated, award-winning executive resume writing service for executives. A Certified Social Branding Analyst, executive resume writer, and former recruiter for Fortune 500 companies, Jessica and her team create expertly-targeted executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles for busy executives.

By staying at the forefront of current trends in personal branding, executive resume writing, and LinkedIn profile development, Jessica offers a true competitive advantage—more than 99 percent of her clients land job interviews within 60 days.

Jessica has been cited hundreds of times in major media outlets: The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Fast Company, and many others.

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