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Lizanne Falsetto Introduces LF Advisory to Guide Promising Brands in the Food and Wellness Industries


Lizanne Falsetto Introduces LF Advisory to Guide Promising Brands in the Food and Wellness Industries

Founder of thinkThin® Helps Businesses in Food, Nutritional, and Natural Categories Accelerate Growth

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug, 29, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Wellness visionary Lizanne Falsetto announced the formation of LF Advisory, a consortium of business professionals organized to provide insight, critical support, and industry connections to empower the next generation of brands in the food, nutrition, and natural categories. An entrepreneur who started her business out of her garage at the ground floor, Lizanne worked from humble beginnings and ultimately sold her nationally distributed high-protein, gluten-free thinkThin® nutrition brand to a publicly held company in 2015. Always committed to exploring how to live a healthy lifestyle, Lizanne was at the forefront of the gluten-free movement, and for nearly 20 years has been a leading voice in the nutrition industry.

"Our goal with LF Advisory is to support food and wellness businesses through active engagement with top industry professionals," company CEO Lizanne Falsetto says. "Together, we understand the language of investment, and how to negotiate the interplay between investors and the entrepreneurs who want to take their brands to the next level. Ultimately, the founding of LF Advisory is about sharing my experience as a wellness entrepreneur with companies that can benefit from my journey and the amazing professionals that I've met along the way who helped me get here."

From its founding in 1999 to its investment by a leading private-equity firm in 2013 to its sale to a public company in late 2015, Lizanne built thinkThin® into one of the world's most successful healthy-lifestyle brands. thinkThin® evolved from her desire to have a healthy snack on the go during international travel while modeling for celebrated names in fashion. At the company's inception, Lizanne's vision for thinkThin® dramatically differed from the other nutritional bars and snack foods on the market by being the first high-protein, gluten-free, sugar-free bar. Even with a winning concept, Lizanne had to navigate the realities of an under-resourced organization, inadequate capital resources, behemoth competitors, complex distribution channels, and international supply chains to grow thinkThin® into the success story that it is today, working years at nearly every stage of the business's evolution before selling the company.

"Starting and scaling a company in any industry is daunting," Lizanne continues. "I founded LF Advisory to help promising entrepreneurs in the food and wellness industries accelerate growth while avoiding the classic pitfalls of launching and scaling businesses. My experience taking the company that I founded from a concept to a finished product to national distribution can provide new and growing brands invaluable insights. For companies looking to successfully break through into or scale within this industry, LF Advisory's experience competing on-shelf with large consumer packaged-goods companies and eventually finding strategic exit with the right partner is invaluable."

Lizanne will apply LF Advisory to support a group of handpicked companies on the verge of disrupting their own respective industries. LF Advisory will guide and, in the right cases, invest in brands founded in the same entrepreneurial spirit of thinkThin.® LF Advisory is Lizanne's way of bringing together a collective of fantastic resources to entrepreneurs and pairing them with her own invaluable experience.

Corridor Capital CEO Craig Enenstein adds, "We brought LF Advisory in to support us on the potential acquisition of Indo-European Foods (IEF), which sources, develops, markets, and distributes a broad offering of Eastern European, Mediterranean, North African, and South Asian foods. Given Lizanne's experience as an innovator and visionary in the nutritional food and wellness sectors, we wanted to get her perspective on the potential of expanding IEF's product offering and channel strategy to more effectively leverage the growing awareness of the health benefits and great taste of the region's cuisine. LF Advisory supported our due diligence, meetings with management, and underwriting strategy. These factors were instrumental in our success in garnering the support of a growth-oriented management team and acquiring a competitively marketed asset. Lizanne's contributions were exceptional, and the insights from other LF Advisory team members were a material benefit to our investment decision and post-transaction strategic planning."

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About Lizanne Falsetto
Lizanne Falsetto developed and founded the high-protein/gluten-free nutrition company thinkThin®. After starting thinkThin® in 1999, Lizanne oversaw the growth of the company as one of the most successful food brands of all time until its sale at the end of 2015. As CEO of LF Advisory, Lizanne extends her entrepreneurial expertise to companies of all sizes, particularly ones in the healthy-lifestyle segment. For more information, please visit


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