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Dabstract Wins Six Dope Cup Awards; Phat Panda Wins Best Infused Pre-Roll, Most Potent Flower


Dabstract Wins Six Dope Cup Awards; Phat Panda Wins Best Infused Pre-Roll, Most Potent Flower

Dabstract was awarded Winner for THC Live Resin and THC Distillate, and Runner Up for THC Live Resin, THC Isolate, CBD Isolate, and THC Wax/Budder. Phat Panda, whose extracts are produced by Dabstract, was Winner of Best Infused Pre-Roll and Most Potent Flower, and Runner Up for Most Potent Flower.

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SEATTLE, Aug. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Dope Cup occurred at Seattle's 27th Annual Hempfest, the world's largest yearly gathering advocating cannabis legalization, according to Dope Magazine. The awards were granted by an independent and blind panel. The judging process included microscopic analysis of the contestant products to evaluate their quality, using the standard operating procedures of TAG (Trichome Assurance Grading).

The Dabstract and Phat Panda awards were for the products:

Best THC Distillate
Winner: Dabstract - THC Distillate

Best THC Live Resin
Winner: Dabstract - Strawberry Banana Live Resin Opal Sugar
Runner Up: Dabstract - Sour Cherry Pie Live Resin Gems N Juice

Best CBD Isolate
Runner Up: Dabstract - CBD Crystalline

Best THC Isolate
Runner Up: Dabstract - God's Gift THCa Crystalline

Best THC Wax/Budder
Runner Up: Dabstract - Tropicanna Cookies Cake Icing

Best Infused Pre-Roll
Winner: Phat Panda - Tropicanna Firecracker

Most Potent Flower
Winner: Phat Panda - GMO
Runner Up: Phat Panda - Trophy Wife

Dabstract is a subsidiary of Union Cannabis Group, LLC (UCG). UCG offers cannabis extraction, manufacturing, lab design, installation, consulting, manufacturing process training, product design and brand licensing. UCG serves clients in multiple states, with clients including Phat Panda (Grow Op Farms, LLC), the largest producer in Washington. UCG designed and operates their laboratory, the largest processing facility in the state.


SOURCE Union Cannabis Group, LLC

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