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Online Watch Dealer Arlington Watches Abandons Plastic Packaging


Online Watch Dealer Arlington Watches Abandons Plastic Packaging

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LONDON, August 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Online shop for second-hand modern and vintage luxury watches Arlington Watches announces today that they will use only 100% plastic and polystyrene free packaging when shipping their watches.

Recent reports of waste polluting the oceans have raised concerns among consumers around the world. Plastic and polystyrene are particularly problematic materials as they degrade slowly and cause harm to sensitive marine eco-systems. At the same time, online shopping is a growing trend which results in an increased use of disposable packaging, a fact that could potentially worsen the problem of plastic waste building up in oceans.

For online shops like Arlington Watches, who offer global shipping, it is particularly important to consider the environmental effects or their packing materials. Recycling and waste management practices differ between countries, and it is difficult to control what happens to the packing materials once disposed of.

Even so, packaging is inevitable for any business who offers delivery of physical products. The high-end mechanical watches sold by Arlington Watches are delicate instruments that need to be thoroughly protected against shocks and vibration during transport. Traditionally this type of protection is ensured with polystyrene or bubble wrap, but there are biodegradable alternatives out there. According to a recent statement by Arlington Watches, the company has committed to use only biodegradable packing materials going forward.

Depending on availability, shock absorption is achieved by either wood wool or GMO-free corn starch packing peanuts. The wood wool comes from excess pine and spruce from managed forests, where to maintain the health of the forest they perform the essential process of thinning it. The outer packaging is made from unbleached, 100% recycled card board and biodegradable paper tape.

Arlington Watches spokesperson Christine Ljunglof explains the reasoning behind the choice of using only eco-friendly materials:

"Our main concern is that the watches we sell are delivered safely to our customers. When the watch you have been longing for finally arrives at your doorstep, it is critical that it survived the transport. The unboxing experience has to be magical. That moment when you open the box, that is a very special moment. That is when we bond with our customers. It must be perfect. But we know that our customers care about the environment too, and we want to enable them to buy a watch with a clean conscience. We don't see any reason to use plastic when there are environmentally friendly alternatives that are just as good."

Arlington Watches offers certified authentic pre-owned modern and vintage luxury timepieces and watch accessories with worldwide delivery, free returns and one-year warranty. To find out more, visit or follow @arlingtonwatches on Instagram

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