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KeyNexus Expands Support for vSphere Encryption to Provide Advanced Key Management for Virtual Machine (VM) Data Protection


KeyNexus Expands Support for vSphere Encryption to Provide Advanced Key Management for Virtual Machine (VM) Data Protection

KeyNexus' KMIP Server, Provides Advanced Key Management and Delivery Options for VMware Users

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VICTORIA, British Columbia, Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- KeyNexus Inc., the leader in unified key management (UKM), an approach to encryption key management that allows enterprises to leverage a single, centralized approach to serve all their encryption needs, announced today at VMworld 2018 their support for VMware's vSphere VM encryption as well as vSan encryption.

With the release of vSphere 6.5, VMware added the ability to encrypt VMs, an essential strategy for securing data infrastructure. While VMware has made encryption easier to deploy, you still need an external KMIP-enabled key management server (KMS) employ the functionality.

"VMware has made it easy for their customers to encrypt VMs. Through their adoption of the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP), encryption users can adopt any key manager that supports KMIP 1.1," said Paul Lechner, VP Product of KeyNexus.

"Yet the vendor list for KMIP servers is relatively small, often poorly implemented, and organizations are looking for more modern KMS deployment options. KeyNexus' KMIP Server supports the latest version of the KMIP spec at level 1.4, and provides a full-featured key manager that can support a myriad of use cases and workflows beyond vSphere encryption."

With KeyNexus, vSphere users have full control of their encryption lifecycle. Whether a user needs one VM encrypted or thousands of VMs, KeyNexus' UKM provides an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use key manager that includes the most advanced KMS features such as high availability, policy management and authorization methods. To give customers options, KeyNexus is available as a virtual appliance on-premise or in the cloud, as a SaaS service, or as a physical hardware security module (HSM) with advance crypto acceleration options for VMware built-in.

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About KeyNexus:

KeyNexus was created to provide centralized, flexible encryption key storage and management. Distributed compute paradigms (including public, private and hybrid clouds), virtualization, IoT and shared compute models have created enormous opportunity for enterprises and organizations to benefit from scalable and more economical consumption of technology. In order to manage diverse and distributed keys for existing and new encryption processes, KeyNexus offers an innovative unified key management service (UKM) that allows our customers to centrally manage keys from a single platform.



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