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Expand Furniture Announces Space-Saving Urban Modular Sofa Line


Expand Furniture Announces Space-Saving Urban Modular Sofa Line

Expand Furniture announces the release of a new modular sofa line known as the Migliore, extending its placement in the space-saving furniture and modular sectional markets for small-space living and interior design.

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VANCOUVER, BC, August 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --Expand Furniture, which offers an extensive line of space-saving and transforming furniture, announced today that it will offer a new, urban modular sofa line known as the Migliore. This new sofa line features the same space-saving features for which Expand Furniture is known, but it has a style that is reminiscent of traditional furniture pieces, including leather upholstery and a Navy Blue Microfiber.

"We're excited to enlarge our selection of stylish and functional furniture for those looking to get more out of their space, whether it be at home or at the office," said Jared Joubert, the Owner of Expand Furniture. "The Migliore modular sofa line builds on our collection of high-quality sectional sofas, but it has a style all its own, giving our customers more options for finding the perfect seating for their personal tastes."

The Migliore modular sectional comes in multiple configurations. Customers can choose from two- or three-seat sofas, and they can add a chaise. If they want total control over the configuration, they can choose the number of end pieces and individual units that they want and put them together in whatever order they like. With this option, they can create a sofa in just about any design to seat any number of people they like.

The individual pieces are ideal for office spaces, as well, as they give businesses the flexibility to provide comfortable and stylish seating in multiple places throughout a reception or lobby area.

The Migliore is also available as a wall bed and sofa combo, which allows owners to pull down a bed over the sofa when an extra sleeping space is needed. The bed closes up into a wall cabinet when it is not in use, which allows owners the flexibility to have a guest space without dedicating a whole room to guests. The bed can also be used by those living in studio apartments or other small spaces.

"Our furniture presents the perfect options for those living in tiny homes or other non-traditional housing options, which are becoming very popular right now," Joubert said. "Yet the furniture is stylish and high-quality, so even those living in smaller spaces are not limited in their choices."

Expand Furniture noted some of the benefits of modular sofas and seating, including being able to easily change the configuration of a couch, which is useful for redesigning a room or when moving. Other benefits include being able to seat any number of people, to be able to quickly accommodate different numbers of people depending on the situation, and being able to make the best use of a space.

Modular sofas and sectionals can be used in any room in a home, including the living room, a den or office space, a recreation room, a bedroom sitting area, or even a dining room. The space will determine which pieces will work best.

Modular sofas can also be used in offices, including for guest areas, conference rooms, or executive offices. These pieces can be used in any sized office since you can have as little as one piece. For more information, visit Expand Furniture at


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