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Rap Artist Daraja Hakizimana Takes His Career to Next Level with Artist-Friendly Funding from Sound Royalties


Rap Artist Daraja Hakizimana Takes His Career to Next Level with Artist-Friendly Funding from Sound Royalties

Sound Royalties, a finance company specializing in the music industry, has announced independent artist Daraja Hakizimana as the latest independent artist to work with the firm. After formerly receiving hurricane relief funding from the company when he was personally affected by Hurricane Harvey last year, he received a second royalty advance from Sound Royalties to help jump start his 2018.

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Sound Royalties, LLC, a specialty finance firm dedicated to the needs of music professionals, today announced that self-composing Houston rapper Daraja Hakizimana has joined the rapidly growing list of creatives whom the company has assisted with artist-friendly royalty advances. Hakizimana worked with Sound Royalties on his second royalty advance to kick off a successful 2018, after receiving special Sound Royalties hurricane funding after being affected by Hurricane Harvey last fall.

A multi-talented artist best known for his compilations that blend rap, jazz, R&B and electronica music, Hakizimana owns his own production company Blackwater Productions, which is home to five up-and-coming artists. As a recurring live performer in the Houston area, Hakizimana has worked with many other established artists including PARTYNEXTDOOR, Devin The Dude, K-Rino, That Boy Cayse, Z-Ro and many more.

"Sound Royalties genuinely supports my music and creativity. They are always available and ready to help fund me as an artist. I really enjoy that I have been able to develop a true artist to business relationship with them," said Hakizimana. "Working with Sound Royalties is proof that even without being on a major record label, you can have and fund a successful career as an independent artist."

Sound Royalties CEO and Founder Alex Heiche added: "Our mission is to help music professionals reap the full benefits of their hard work and be able to access their earned funds when they most need them. We're excited to be working with more and more independent artists like Daraja to help them fund fruitful careers while maintaining the rights to their work. We are excited to follow the future of Daraja's career and look forward to providing an open door for more artist-friendly royalty funding to many more talented creatives like him."

Sound Royalties has innovatively transformed the process of funding projects for hundreds of music professionals, including notable songwriters, producers and performing artists. The firm has a track record of standing behind artists with a vision to positively impact the community, especially in times of need. Its very own Director of Funding, Reggie Calloway, released a new charity single heading into the new year to benefit art programs in the Houston Independent School District affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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Founded by CEO Alex Heiche, Sound Royalties, LLC is a privately-owned specialty finance firm that helps music industry professionals fund personal and professional projects while allowing them to retain the rights to their music and royalties. The company's core business is offering royalty advances of anywhere from $5,000 to $10 million, without having to deal with credit issues, while preserving all rights to the artist's music. It does this by advancing artist royalties paid through music labels, digital performance royalties paid through Sound Exchange, songwriter royalties and performance royalties paid through music publishers and Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, and music streaming royalties from Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. To date, Sound Royalties, LLC has worked with a wide range of leading music industry professionals, including Grammy Award winners, platinum recording artists and notable music industry executives in every genre. Learn more at


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