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GKN Returns To Automechanika With "One Brand" Theme


GKN Returns To Automechanika With "One Brand" Theme

Formula E Panasonic Team Jaguar will be on the GKN Stand

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ROESRATH, Germany, Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GKN Driveline's aftermarket group is returning to Automechanika in Frankfurt after a six-year absence with a "One Brand" theme that showcases the wide range of aftermarket products the company offers around the world.

GKN's 160-square-meter exhibit also will include products from GKN Sinter Metals and GKN Motorsports, and will feature a Formula E I-Type 2 racecar from Panasonic Jaguar Racing.

Frank Huerter, commercial director for GKN's automotive aftermarket group, noted that replacement parts for original equipment (OE) components such as ballspline sideshafts, SX countrack® joints and face splines also will be on display at the Frankfurt show (Sept. 11-15).

"There is no better platform than Automechanika on which to showcase our OEM and aftermarket businesses," Huerter said. "Powertrain technology is changing at a rapid pace and GKN is a major contributor to those changes.

"Automotive service providers and retailers will have an opportunity to gain insights into the new technologies that they will soon be dealing with in their day-to-day businesses when they visit our display."

Huerter pointed out that GKN is working closely with Panasonic Jaguar Racing to make the I-TYPE 2 faster. Thanks to GKN's expertise in the automotive industry as well as in aviation, the race car's driveshafts, differential, lightweight pump system and transmission have all been designed to be even more efficient. A Jaguar driver will be available on the stand for questions and interviews on September 12.

"GKN is committed to innovative production processes to better serve the automotive industry's future demands," Huerter said. "GKN Sinter Metals focuses on additive manufacturing, to facilitate the development and manufacture of complex components with virtually no restrictions in shape. Design opportunities offered by powder metallurgy translate into lighter component weight– something being effectively applied to the Formula E Jaguar. GKN is able to fulfill the extremely high-quality demands set by vehicle makers in metal 3D printing by using metal powders developed in-house."

Although developed solely for OE applications, the following GKN original equipment products on display at Automechanika also are available as GKN replacement parts, illustrating how quickly new technologies are finding their way into the aftermarket:

  • GKN ballspline – the perfect wave
    The new "ballspline" sideshaft pairs excellent off-road characteristics with safe handling on the road. Linearly arranged ball bearings deliver previously unattained plunge for outstanding suspension performance. SUV development engineers are no longer forced to accept compromises to combine good off-road characteristics with car-like handling. GKN ballspline technology delivers outstanding plunge length of up to 70 mm. This substantial movement is facilitated by linear ball bearings with balls running in multiple deeply cut profiles to enable axial displacement of the sideshaft. The new ballspline has particular benefits in SUV applications, where the new design solves the problem of wide installation angles caused by high ground clearance, since wide installation angles now can be combined with long suspension travel.
  • GKN SX countertrack joints – opposition is good
    GKN has developed and patented countertrack joints, which transmit the same power through a significantly reduced diameter (smaller by an average of ten percent). Facilitated by a characteristic S-shaped track profile and counter-running ball tracks (hence the name "countertrack"), the new design delivers a reduction in internal friction, temperature and package size paired with an increase in transmitted torque and maximum articulation angle. The substantial weight reduction delivers fuel-consumption and CO2 benefits in the development of new vehicle models. It also enables a longer wheelbase while retaining the same performance to development engineers with more interior space and improved handling characteristics.
  • GKN face spline – downsizing doesn't stop at the driveshaft
    GKN's face spline design provides positive engagement between the wheel hub and the fixed sideshaft joint via a spline on the joint's face. The design is referred to as "face spline" because the torque is transferred to the hub via the joint's face. The weight-saving design is considerably less complex compared to existing shaft connections. Combined with GKN ST technology (twin ball sideshaft with s-shaped ball track) it improves efficiency even further while reducing internal friction in the joint. A face-spline hub connection is ideally suited for high-torque turbo and electric drives of the future. Weight savings directly at the hub not only aids in downsizing, but also reduces unsprung mass by 20 percent, which leads to a noticeable improvement in ride and handling. The assembly process also is simplified considerably by front fastening, ball centering and the absence of play in the connection between half shaft and wheel hub.

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GKN is the world's leading supplier of components and systems for drive technology. Its pre-eminent market position is based on many years of technological experience. GKN Service International supplies original GKN parts for replacement needs around the globe. GKN offers a highly comprehensive range of car sideshafts, propshafts, joint kits, boot kits and other vehicle parts under the brand names Spidan and Löbro through wholesalers and local parts dealers. For more information, visit:

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