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Thirty2give Announces B2B Version of Mobile Virtual Mentoring App


Thirty2give Announces B2B Version of Mobile Virtual Mentoring App

For profit and non-profit organizations can now enjoy member/employee engagement on the go using thirty2give's new Business to Business (B2B) version of it's recently announced mobile virtual mentoring tool. Anyone anywhere in the organization can find and enjoy the benefits of a mentoring relationship.

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PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Thirty2give, LLC Rolling Out Enterprise Version of Virtual Mentoring Smartphone App

The thirty2give mobile phone app facilitates an innovative mentoring approach that allows people to use their smartphone to become a mentor or mentee anywhere around the globe. The app uses anonymity to eliminate unconscious bias to ensure that the transfer of knowledge is optimized.

Thirty2give, LLC is announcing a new version of their ground-breaking mobile application that enables anyone with a smartphone to find or become a mentor anywhere in the world. The new app version-features a business to business (B2B) version of the tool developed exclusively for corporate enterprises or member organizations. Within the private confines of the organization, the mobile app connects members together to create a global framework for transferring knowledge, information, and support.

The new tool is designed to benefit any organization, profit or non-profit that seeks to encourage members to form mentoring relationships and engage each other. "This new tool creates a private environment for mentors and mentees in organizations such, but not limited to: educational, 12 Step Recovery Programs, social services, and general business institutions," said thirty2give representative David Cain. Organizations can choose to use anonymity as the foundation for the relationships or they can choose to use their real identities. Since the use of the tool is limited to only members that are granted access by the hosting organization, users are assured of organizational privacy," said Cain.

Like the B2C version, the new version allows some customization of the baseline virtual matchup criteria and the five themed public chat rooms. Here's how it works: organizations complete an intake form detailing their selection criteria and their themes for the public chat rooms. The thirty2give team will create a tool based on your organization's branding and provide an annual use license as well as the ability to grant access to members of their organization, wherever they reside in the world. Like the first version, mentors simply complete a profile describing their experience. Mentees complete a similar profile and create a request detailing the type of support they are seeking. Then the mentee can query the list of available mentors and request the person who best matches their specifications. Thereafter, the mentor and mentee can access a chat room where they can interact in private.

With thirty2give, mentors and mentees can engage in a professional mentoring relationship that benefits both parties. Mentees can increase their productivity, competency, and performance, while mentors can receive an opportunity to give back, personal satisfaction and new ideas.

The conceptual framework of the thirty2give app is based on the 1952 study by the Boston Symphony Orchestra's use of a curtain to conduct blind auditions that shielded musicians from interviewers in an attempt to increase the recruitment of female artists. The interviewer's evaluations were based solely on talent, resulting in an increase in the hiring rates of female musicians. Consequently, other symphonies began using the same tactic. Now thirty2give is using a similar strategy to benefit mentees and mentors who are taking advantage of its innovative application.

The business to consumer (B2C) version of the thirty2give virtual mentoring app is currently available for download from the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. For more information regarding the organizational version of the app, please contact David Cain at (855) 250-2355 or email at

About thirty2give LLC
Established in 2018, thirty2give LLC was founded by five professional executives who represent four different industries, and each have more than 20 years of mentoring experience. The company, which is based in Philadelphia, Penn., was originated from the concept of "make the world better". Its overriding goal is to support a disruptive virtual mentoring approach that contributes to the success of people all around the globe.

Media Contact: David Cain
Phone: (855) 250-2355
Email: david(at)thirty2give(dot)com

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