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The Women of Global Change Serves Barcelona Refugee Women & Children


The Women of Global Change Serves Barcelona Refugee Women & Children

The WGC International Summit 2018 Assists in Building Career Training Center for Women Refugees in Barcelona

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LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Aug. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Women of Global Change joined forces in Barcelona, Spain with the Barcelona Women's Network, in support of Mujeres Pa'lante (Women Ahead. Mujeres Pa Lante focuses on the needs of migrant women who are working hard on constructing a life for themselves and their families in a new land by assisting immigrant and refugee women and children that don't have legal documents to live in the country, assisting them to integrate and gain their independence and legal documentations. Mujeres Pa Lante provides the opportunity of career training and skills needed, language classes, computer classes, sewing classes and catering workshops so they can make money in their new country.

The women come from all different regions and countries such as South America, India, Pakistan, North Africa to seek a better life, leaving all they know behind due to real dangers to their lives and that of their children. All have some basic skills but most lack the language skills of either Spanish or English or understand how the Spanish government works.

Also present where representatives of the local Barcelona Magistrate which gifted the enhanced building space for The Women of Global Change International Summit 2018 to serve in creating Women Ahead with a new Career training portion of the facility. This WGC project did not just support the women refugees in Barcelona but also the women in other countries, such as Senegal, that they collaborate for getting the materials to create their own line of clothing, accessories and beyond.

The Women of Global Change International Summit brings participants and top tier business leaders from around the globe together to facilitate in business expansion, global networking, and serving as active participants in the world creating bigger results than could ever could alone.

The Women of Global Change (WGC) is a multiple White House award-winning 501(c) 3 International organization that serves individuals worldwide. WGC also has local chapters in the United States, which supports and provides educational/business platforms and local community social impact activism. WGC stands as a presence of hope and possibility for those in need!

This year the WGC International Summit traveled through Italy, France and Spain with its service project in Barcelona assisting with the new Women Ahead training center, including providing many supplies needed and even constructed a children's play area with toys and learning materials for all ages.

"Many of these women and children fled to Barcelona because of real dangers in their lives. The bravery of these women is incredible and humbling. It is amazing sometimes as the smallest things to some is so life changing to others. And to think this is touching beyond to even women in Africa by getting their new business supplies from them. It is like a shot heard around the world. I am so honored to stand beside the WGC Summit 2018 members and ambassadors." Shellie Hunt, Founder of The Women of Global Change.

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