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LOOP-LOC, Manufacturer of Pool Covers, Shares 7 Reasons to Remodel Your Pool This Fall


LOOP-LOC, Manufacturer of Pool Covers, Shares 7 Reasons to Remodel Your Pool This Fall

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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Aug. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- After many summer seasons have gone by, you may not look at your pool the same way you did when it was first installed. Whether it's damaged, not fitting into your landscape anymore, there are numerous reasons behind why people decide to remodel their pools. Your pool should be a personal oasis for your home, not a burden.

If you are thinking about remodeling your pool, there is no better time to do so than the fall season, after an exciting summer of swimming comes to an end. Why this breezy, chillier season?  LOOP-LOC, manufacturer of pool covers and pool liners, shares 7 reasons to remodel your pool this upcoming fall.

  1. You can enjoy your summer season to its fullest, without having the remodeling spilling over into your precious pool time. Once the weather cools down, starting a pool remodeling job doesn't feel so much like you're missing out on a refreshing swim. If you're not using your pool anyways, why not give it a facelift in the meantime?
  2. If your pool is damaged, you can prevent it getting worse through a remodel job. Before there's any serious damage, ripping apart your pool system for a remodel allows you to replace an old liner, build a new deck, change your pool's mechanics, and check all the necessary components of your pool system. Investing in a high-quality safety cover will preserve the remodel after it's complete, and once summer rolls around again, you can jump into a fresh start.
  3. You can save money in an off-season remodel because so many people remodel their pools in the spring and beginning of summer. Once the season dies down, prices at pool stores drop, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on a remodeling job.
  4. Your remodel may be completed faster while the pool company has less clients to worry about. If it's peak pool season and they has multiple jobs booked, your pool may not be their number one priority. If you're doing a remodel on an off-season, the pool company will be more apt to pour all their attention into your backyard.
  5. It adds excitement for the next year! If you're sick of your pool's appearance by summer's end, it'll be a big reveal come the next summer season. Once your remodel is complete, you have a few more months to refresh your landscaping and decking to reveal a completely new backyard paradise when you open your pool.
  6. You can preserve your landscaping (or start anew!) during and after your remodel. Once the fall comes your flowers and trees may not be looking their best already, so overhauling your backyard into a remodeling project won't come as a shock to your plants. Whether you want to preserve the landscaping you have or start a whole new set of greenery, you have all spring to work in the dirt, after your pool has been completed.
  7. Fall weather provides a better working atmosphere for the pool workers, which will benefit both them and you. Instead of working in the tiring summer sun, sweating bullets and being potentially at risk of heat-stroke, a temperate fall day with a nice breeze will be a pleasant alternative to their summer conditions. This will make the workers happier and more focused on their work instead of how their feeling, which will ensure that your remodel goes smoothly and comes out beautiful.

Whether you've been thinking about a pool remodel for months or just started, you can be sure that you'll get the best results by booking a remodel in the fall season. Your backyard is your own work of art– you should feel inspired by it, not tired of looking at it.

About LOOP-LOC: There's only one company known for manufacturing pool covers strong and tough enough to support an elephant: the legendary LOOP-LOC. LOOP-LOC is a global leader in the pool industry with a 200,000-square-foot headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, and 300 employees. Through its network of dealers, the company has sold safety swimming pool covers on every continent on earth except Antarctica. LOOP-LOC now also manufactures a line of luxury in-ground pool liners—with more exclusive designer patterns than any other company—as well as the BABY-LOC removable fencing, a convenient, cost-effective additional layer of protection to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool. Media Contact: Jacqueline Routh, fishbat media, 855-347-4228,

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