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Mechanical Engineer Alfonso Aljure Develops New Unimpeded, Unified and More Effective Golf Swing


Mechanical Engineer Alfonso Aljure Develops New Unimpeded, Unified and More Effective Golf Swing

The CG-USi is poised to unify, unblock and transform the way golf is played and enjoyed.

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LUDWIGSBURG, Germany, Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Aljure recently announced that he has perfected a new golf swing-executing protocol that radically departs from and improves the way golfers swing a golf club.

Current golf swing models contain a host of unquestioned, ad populum mythical 'fundamentals" which are endlessly repeated to new golfers. But if more golfers ever hope to radically improve their game, they must first deal with this startling truth: peer-pressured and without rigorous challenge or alternative, we have been blindly following a conflictive, mechanically ambiguous, therefore extremely difficult, two-dimensional "swing plane" restrictive technique. That must stop!

Dubbed the CG-USi, CoronalGolf Unimpeded Unified Swing Imperatives (CGswing for short), Aljure's new three-dimensional concept and methodology is more precise, powerful and efficient. Best of all, it's well posed-balanced physics causes no pain.

The CG-USi is based on the machine design concept of the four-bar linkage mechanism (4-BLM). Whereas the current pendulum [myth] interpretation is not even considered a basic machine, the 4-BLM mechanism is the one we possess, and utilise, in our most extraordinarily powerful joints, the knees. Now, it has been successfully applied to the swing of golf to empower, and unify, at last, the dispersed wide open "wings" that are centre-stage in golf. Via the three-dimensional human body machine, the proposed 4-BLM functionality amplifies the golf club speed in a tension-free and controllable manner. By openly dismissing the need for the stiff-straight-wide-arc, unfeasible "pendular" interpretation, Aljure's CGswing advanced design brings a well-posed mechanically unambiguous engineering solution to the currently disperse and conflictive golf swing topological struggle.

Golfers who wish to achieve maximum motion efficiency, allied to controllable power, must first reconsider how they sweep and randomly rotate their arms in favor of the CGswing to accelerate the club face constantly along the ball-target line. Aljure understands the possible skepticism as these statements may be controversial; however, he proves conclusively beyond any reasonable doubt that his theories are supported by powerful, irrefutable engineering and machine design criteria. Of course, he welcomes the chance to personally demonstrate live the efficiency and fluidity of his CG-USi technique for others to personally evaluate.


Alfonso Aljure is a mechanical engineer with an out-of-the-box passion for the game of golf. During his 12 years applying his technical expertise, Aljure dared to ask one simple, yet recurring question: is there a less conflictive and more logical way to swing a golf club? A better way that achieves both consistency, control and maximum clubhead acceleration? As it turns out, the answer is, YES. What an exciting time for visionary golf journalists. For details, contact the engineer now.


Alfonso Aljure, Developing Engineer
+49 1 7050 123 90 Germany
+57 310 856 2015 (WhatsApp)


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