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ProfNet Experts Available on School Desegregation, College Tuition, More


ProfNet Experts Available on School Desegregation, College Tuition, More

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NEW YORK, Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.


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  • School Desegregation: Educational Challenges and What Lessons Can We Learn for Today
  • One in Three Parents Expect Kids to Save $10K for College -- But Haven't Told Them Yet
  • Battle of Roberts Ridge, Afghanistan


  • US Culture Writer – The Independent (NY)
  • Story Editor – Barron's (NY)
  • Money & Politics Reporter – MarketWatch (DC)


  • Save Time and Money: 6 Tips to Maximize Your Video Production Budget
  • Convert Your Broadcast Voice to Print: 5 Tips From a Former TV Reporter
  • Blog Profiles: Yoga Blogs



School Desegregation: The Educational Challenges and What Lessons Can We Learn for Today
Michael C Gengler
Author, Speaker, Education Advocate
"The lawyers, the courts, and the first black students to attend white schools in the South were heroes about which much has been written, but school desegregation was an encompassing effort by communities across the South. For many years, Southern public schools were the most integrated in the nation. The generation of community and school leaders, teachers, parents and students that integrated Southern schools is aging, and their stories need telling as their accomplishments continue to be relevant in today's schools."
Gengler is available to discuss what educators and communities today can learn from how people from all walks of life came together to ensure the schools were successfully integrated, the history of school desegregation, and specifically school desegregation in Florida. He graduated from Gainesville High School in Florida in 1962. He received his AB degree from Columbia College (New York) in 1966, magna cum laude, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He was a member of the managing board of the Columbia Daily Spectator. In 1969, he received his JD degree from Harvard Law School. Until 1974, he served as an assistant staff judge advocate in the USAF. For most of his career, he was a corporate lawyer in Boston and Chicago. He also worked for a few years as a full-time volunteer lawyer for Legal Action of Wisconsin, Madison, representing clients who could not afford counsel. He lives in Gainesville and is a vocal advocate for public school education. He recently published "We Can Do It: A Community Takes on the Challenge of School Desegregation," writing out of a deep respect for the Southern whites and African-Americans who came together to create unitary desegregated schools.
Contact: Penny Sansevieri,

One in Three Parents Expect Kids to Save $10K for College -- But Haven't Told Them Yet
Melissa Ridolfi
Vice President of Retirement and College Products
"As the cost of admission rises for college-bound kids, it becomes even more important for families to get in sync to meet their college savings goals. To cope with this, some parents are asking their kids to chip in -- to the tune of $10K -- but they aren't telling them until their sophomore year in high school. Without adequate time to save, kids may struggle to meet their parents' expectations. By setting goals and having conversations earlier, parents can help their kids become better equipped to pick up some of the tab when the tuition bill arrives."
Ridolfi and other Fidelity executives are available to discuss Fidelity Investments' 2018 College Savings Indicator Study (to be released Thursday, Aug. 23), which analyzed the financial preparedness for college of 1,899 families nationwide with college-bound children. They can also discuss how parents can set their kids up for success by setting early expectations of how much their child should be saving for college.
Contact: Brendan

Battle of Roberts Ridge, Afghanistan
U.S. (Ret.) Army Col. David Dodd
Point 27
Dodd, founder/director of Point 27, a global nonprofit based in Atlanta, is available to discuss the Battle of Roberts Ridge, Afghanistan, 2002. Dodd was Signal Battalion Commander, in charge of all communications between all branches of the military and special ops, the drone tracking the Taliban, and the U.S. soldiers trapped on the mountaintop after their helicopter crashed. Says Dodd: "Navy Master Chief Britt K. Slabinski and Air Force Tech Sgt. John Chapman heroically risked their lives to destroy Islamic terrorists who sought to kill and terrorize Americans. Tragically, Chapman died while drawing enemy fire away from an aircraft loaded with American soldiers. He and his selfless actions epitomize the words of Jesus Christ when He said, 'Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for one's friend.'"
ProfNet Profile:
Contact: Marcia Davis,



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