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GotSpot Launches in Houston to Connect Entrepreneurs with the Spaces They Need to Thrive


GotSpot Launches in Houston to Connect Entrepreneurs with the Spaces They Need to Thrive

Digital Platform Will Grow the Local Economy Through Local Connections

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HOUSTON, Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- GotSpot, an innovative digital platform that pairs Houston area entrepreneurs seeking specialized commercial spaces for short-term use with local business owners, has officially launched at A celebration event will take place on September 18, 2018.

With an expanding list of underutilized spaces that include galleries, commercial kitchens, photography studios, warehouses, classrooms and restaurants, in addition to traditional office spaces, GotSpot is a grass roots response to the explosion in home-based entrepreneurs and the surplus of commercial spaces in the Houston metropolitan area.

The brainchild of local attorney Reda Hicks, GotSpot was borne out of the economic dislocation caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. As in-house counsel in the Houston office of a global shipping and logistics company, Hicks was deluged with inquiries about whether spaces were available to house homeless residents, store relief supplies and stage emergency responses. "The space was here, and available, and no one could find it; there needed to be one place to look for all kinds of space," Hicks said.

But Hicks realized that emergencies weren't the only time finding space was a problem. As increasing numbers of entrepreneurs and small businesses move away from traditional brick-and-mortar leases, finding space only when it's needed can be a huge challenge. Meanwhile, local businesses have underutilized space, and could generate revenue from its occasional use by other businesses. Realizing all the possible ways a tool like GotSpot could benefit small businesses and communities inspired Hicks to extend the concept beyond the needs occasioned by Harvey.

"I realized that every local business community, which includes hundreds of thousands of home-based businesses and tens of thousands of underutilized spaces could benefit from a free, easily navigated digital platform matching entrepreneurs' needs with commercial real estate opportunities," said Hicks. Indeed, in Houston alone, there are currently more than 200,000 home-based businesses and an estimated 35,000 non-traditional spaces, ranging from open plan to highly specialized.

Hicks's belief in the value of such a digital platform was strengthened by her own experience as a military spouse. "Many military spouses are entrepreneurs, and the frequent moves that are a part of military life present a real challenge for those of us who suddenly need commercial space, if only for a limited period, in a new location," she said.

The site itself is extremely user-friendly, and there is no charge for listing a space or for searching for one. Available spaces are divided into such categories as art, corporate, culinary, education, event and wellness. Each category is further divided so that "SpotSeekers" can hone in on the space most suitable for their needs within minutes.

The process is just as simple for "SpotHolders" looking to convert underutilized space into a revenue stream. All that's needed is a brief description of the space and its availability. "SpotHolders" are encouraged to upload existing photographs and video to expedite the selection process.

"Whether a local artisanal jeweller is looking for a loft space to show her individually crafted pieces, a tech start-up needs a customizable space for an important presentation or a specialty baker is seeking a commercial kitchen for a particularly large order, GotSpot has Houston entrepreneurs covered," said Hicks.

In keeping with its original purpose, GotSpot is also compiling a database of spaces available in the event of a future emergency or natural disaster.

Although Houston is her pilot market, Hicks believes that GotSpot's appeal is universal, citing the increase in entrepreneurial ventures across the U.S. and the surplus in space resulting from the revitalization of urban business districts. Interest has been expressed by local business organizations in several major cities based upon the extensive word of mouth enjoyed by GotSpot in its testing phase. Hicks is also exploring opportunities in cities that house military installations.

About GotSpot
GotSpot is short-term space for your business. Think of it as Airbnb, but for commercial spaces. We're a digital marketplace where entrepreneurs can leverage local underutilized spots for their own opportunities, while putting money into the pocket of another business. By aligning available resources with businesses that need them, GotSpot is building the local economy from the ground up.



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