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New Posture Keeper, Designed to Eliminate Workplace Back and Neck Pain, Breaks Campaign Goal One Day After Launching on Kickstarter


New Posture Keeper, Designed to Eliminate Workplace Back and Neck Pain, Breaks Campaign Goal One Day After Launching on Kickstarter

Backers invest more than $15,000 for the lightweight, easy-to-use device that reminds users to sit upright while retraining their 'muscle memory' to improve posture over the long-term and eliminate chronic neck and back pain

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SAN FRANCISCO, August 23, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Posture Keeper, a new device designed to prevent slouching and improve posture while you work, broke its campaign goal one day after it was introduced on Kickstarter– raising more than $15,000 so far from crowdfunding backers.

"We're excited to reach our campaign goal so early in our campaign, but it's our backers who suffer with neck and back pain who are going to be really excited with the results they see after using this product," said Posture Keeper founder Shirley Tan.

Developed for quick, 30-second set up in any office chair, Posture Keeper is designed so it gently reminds users to sit upright, while retraining their 'muscle memory' to improve posture over the long-term – eliminating chronic neck, shoulder and back pain.

Studies show that one in three office workers suffer from chronic back or neck pain, as a result of spending hours working at a computer. Over a prolonged time, this can cause significant and ongoing health issues.

Tan, who personally fought chronic neck and back pain for years, says she tested every medication and device with little to no improvement – with doctors even suggesting she quit her job to get relief.

"The last thing I wanted to do was leave the job I loved, but he informed me that years of being hunched over, staring into the computer had taken its toll," she said. "I was suffering from radiating pain on both arms, stiff neck and tight shoulders."

After testing many products to get relief with no results, Tan used her skills as an entrepreneur to develop The Posture Keeper to proactively solve back pain over the long-term.

"By gently reminding you to sit upright at your desks, while using a lumbar system to help retrain your 'muscle memory,' it not only helps your posture while you sit and when you stand, too," she said. "It addresses the root cause of chronic pain with a simple, transportable and easy-to-use device that's drug free."

The Posture Keeper uses lightweight straps and lumbar support to cradle and comfort the lower back. Rather than leaning forward and straining the neck, shoulders and back at a desk, The Posture Keeper reminds users sit back and erect.

Features include:

  • LUMBAR SYSTEMS - Enjoy comfortable lumbar support where ears, shoulders and hips are kept in alignment and the natural inward curvature of the lower spine is maintained. Posture Keeper offers extra comfort with real memory foam, keeping users comfortable and relaxed.
  • STOPS NECK STRAIN – The Posture Keeper prevents users from leaning forward and straining their necks. When leaning forward, the muscles in the neck tighten, forcing a person to work harder to support the head. Sitting all day exposes everyone to huge risks for nerve and muscle, along with stiff necks!
  • FITS MOST CHAIRS - Designed to fit most chairs, the user won't feel the Posture Keeper taking up most of the seat and pushing the user off the chair like other lumbar pillows. It's fully adjustable to any person's height and chair, so when they sit right, they don't even notice it.
  • QUICK & EASY SET UP - It takes less than 30 seconds to assemble the Posture Keeper. Featuring a quick release mechanism that lets users easily get in and out, with no tech, no battery, and no assistant needed to improve their posture and relieve back pain.
  • COMFORTABLE STRAPS – With its light weight and ergonomic design, its adjustable to fit most people from 4' to 6'4 in height.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made with durable ballistic nylon material

For information and to pre-order at early-bird prices during crowdfunding, visit The Posture Keeper Kickstarter Campaign Page.

Living Well Products mission is to design and produce products that help improve consumer health and well-being. We started with the most basic product that can help people who have to work in an office at the desk and sit in their chair for long hours at a time. With the Posture Keeper, our goal is to help people improve their posture, keep their spine in alignment and help them become pain free. For more information, visit


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